HP Fellows

Pioneers in their fields, the HP Fellows set the standards for technical excellence and drive the direction of research in their respective disciplines. They are creating the future in fundamental areas, from computer architecture, nanometer-scale electronics and data compression, to the dynamics of information.

Here's a brief look at their work and lives:

HP Senior Fellows

Bernardo Huberman is leading a new research effort in information dynamics, examining the relationship between the local actions and the global behavior of large distributed systems such as the Internet. Huberman, a Fellow of the American Physical Society, is one of the creators of the field of ecology of computation.

Chandrakant Patel, known for his pioneering work in energy-efficient computing, is responsible for strategically engaging in thermo-mechanical research for future microprocessors, workstations, servers and data centers. His research now focuses on developing a "smart" data center that integrates power, cooling and system architecture.

Stan Williams leads HP's quantum science research, exploring new approaches to nanometer-scale electronics that could become the integrated circuits of the future. Among other honors, Williams is a winner of the Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology and the Julius Springer Award for Applied Physics.

Other HP Fellows in HP Labs

Ray Beausoleil is recognized for his groundbreaking work in the area of nanophotonics for integrated circuit applications. He was the key technical contributor to the launch of HP Labs' Information and Quantum Systems Laboratory's optical interconnects program.

Goetz Graefe is a widely known expert in is one of the most accomplished and influential technologists in the areas of database query optimization and query processing. He is currently pursuing research in business intelligence, specifically on improving robustness, reliability and total cost of ownership of HP's business intelligence products.

Steve Simske is recognized as a worldwide thought and research leader for security printing and imaging. Using the intersection of security, printing technologies and image-based reading technologies, Steve has created new businesses in supply chain, product/customer interaction, data hosting and analytics for HP.