[Gc] Build-Error: "configure: error: yes is an unknown thread package"

Fergus Henderson fjh@cs.mu.oz.au
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 02:12:36 +1100

On 09-Dec-2002, Linuxhippy <linuxhippy@web.de> wrote:
> When I tried to build gc6.1 with --enable-threads on my SuSE-Linux8.1 
> installation it says "configure: error: yes is an unknown thread package".

Try `configure --enable-threads=<thread package>' for some appropriate value
of <thread package>.  Try `configure --help' for information on what the
possible values might be, or if that fails, try reading the documentation.

> 2.) How can I build the lib for i386?
> Im not very experienced using gcc. Is it enough if i set CFLAGS="-O2 
> -march=i386" is it than compilied for i386?

What do you mean "build for i386"?
Do you mean
	(a) build so it can run on any i386-compatible processor,
	    but is optimized for the kinds of i386-compatible processors
	    which are common today?
	(b) build so it is optimized for running on an original Intel 386
	    processor (but may run slower on modern i386-compatible
	(c) build so it is runs on your PC, which happens to be
	    (say) a Pentium III?
	(d) something else?

> Do you know any god optimisations that reduce size and are not so bad 
> for performace?

Try `CFLAGS=-Os'.  Also consider `-fomit-frame-pointer'.

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