[Gc] Problems again with built libs ;-(

Linuxhippy linuxhippy@web.de
Mon, 09 Dec 2002 19:28:52 +0100

Thanks for your response!!!

>You may need -ldl also, e.g.:
>gcc test.c -L. -lgc -ldl -o gctest
Hmm, now it compiles fine, but when I want to start it, this happens:

clemi@cc02eiss:~/Kompilieren/gc6.1/tests> ./gctest
Switched to incremental mode
Emulating dirty bits with mprotect/signals
GC_malloc(0) failed: GC_size returns 8
Test failed

>>clemi@cc02eiss:~/Kompilieren/gc6.1/tests> gcc -o test -I ../include/
>>  ../.libs/libgc.a test.c
I placed libs last, but it hasnt any affect ;-(

Thanks for helping me!

lg Linuxhippy