[Gc] Windows crash

Julian Hall jules at acris.co.uk
Wed Jun 29 06:30:44 PDT 2005

Julian Hall wrote:

> I'm using GC 6.5, compiled to a windows DLL using cygwin gcc with the 
> -mno-cygwin flag.
> I have a relatively simple program that uses GC to allocate a few 
> objects and strings while responding to GUI events, and which calls 
> GC_collect_a_little after processing each event until either 
> PeekMessage returns true, or GC_collect_a_little returns false.
> If I enable incremental collection, I occasionally get an exception 
> C0000096 (Illegal Instruction in non-priveleged mode) while executing 
> code inside NTDLL.DLL.

D'oh! Ignore me.  In converting my program from refcounting I'd missed 
converting a malloc to a GC_malloc, so one of my objects was being 
collected during execution, causing the program to follow a random 
pointer and execute OS code in a user context.  Incremental collection 
merely made it happen faster.

What should have given this away is that my code shouldn't have been 
executing anything in NTDLL.DLL, as the only OS library it was 
interfacing with in the code executing at the time was USER32.

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