[Gc] Crashs and Deadlocks in the GC on windows-xp

Lothar Scholz scholz at scriptolutions.com
Tue Mar 14 05:37:38 PST 2006

Hello Lothar,

LS> But there is still one problem left: It looks like i run into a deadlocks
LS> after some time. But it maybe something different as my dual processor
LS> is having a 50% CPU load. Is there any spinlock blocking that might
LS> cause this behaviour ? Is anybody out there who also saw this in the past ?
LS> At the moment, i'm 75% convinced that it is a GC bug.

I just compiled the same program on Linux and MacOSX (Intel). On Linux
it seems to work good (i get only very slow increasing memory usage)
but on MacOSX it seems to be that the GC has no effect (it does not
detect any freed memory) but it runs without crashs or hangs.

Best regards,
 Lothar Scholz                mailto:scholz at scriptolutions.com

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