Re[2]: [Gc] gctest: use of AO_fetch_and_add1

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at
Wed May 27 01:48:15 PDT 2009


"Boehm, Hans" <hans.boehm at> wrote:
> Thanks.  Tested on an armv5b machine (where the fetch_and_add version by itself failed) and committed.

> Hans
> > ...

To simplify your "process", I've prepared a cumulative patch (resembling diff28, diff32, diff33, diff38, diff68 partly) for test.c (and trace_test.c) against the current CVS. It contains no "functional" changes and could be (IMHO) easily committed.

ChangeLog entries:

        * test.c (fork_a_thread, reverse_test, alloc8bytes, tree_test,
        typed_test, run_one_test, check_heap_stats, main, test): Replace
        all K&R-style function definitions with ANSI C ones.
        * trace_test.c (main): Ditto.
        * test.c (GC_COND_INIT): Define as GC_INIT() also in case of
        * test.c (reverse_test): Call fork_a_thread() only if GC_PTHREADS
        or GC_WIN32_THREADS; remove fork_a_thread() macros definition.
        * test.c (reverse_test): Use "volatile" when clearing "b" and "c"
        local variables (to suppress "assigned value is never used"
        compiler warning).
        * test.c (tree_test): Use public GC_noop1() instead of private
        * test.c (typed_test): Ditto.
        * test.c (check_heap_stats): Define and assign value to
        "late_finalize_count" local variable only if its value is used
        (if FINALIZE_ON_DEMAND defined).
        * test.c (main): Remove DJGPP-specific initialization of
        GC_stackbottom (not needed anymore, handled in gcconfig.h).
        * trace_test.c: Guard #define GC_DEBUG with #ifndef.
        * trace_test.c: Include "gc_backptr.h".
        * trace_test.c (main): Call GC_INIT().
        * trace_test.c (main): Add "return 0" statement.
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