[Gc] Patches resubmission 3

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Fri May 29 03:41:51 PDT 2009


This cumulative patch (resembling diff3, diff27, diff33, diff45, diff47, diff49, diff60, diff67, diff68 partly) deals with misc fixes in alloc.c, mach_dep.c, mark_rts.c and gc_priv.h. It doesn't depend on my previous cumulative patches.

ChangeLog entries:

        GC_TIME_LIMIT): New macros (used to control the default initial
        values of GC_full_freq variable, GC_dont_expand,
        GC_free_space_divisor, GC_time_limit respectively).
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (TIME_LIMIT): Remove macro (replaced
        with GC_TIME_LIMIT in alloc.c).
        * alloc.c (GC_need_full_gc, GC_stopped_mark, GC_finish_collection):
        Define as STATIC.
        * mark_rts.c (GC_push_current_stack, GC_push_gc_structures): Ditto.
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (GC_stopped_mark, GC_finish_collection):
        Move the prototypes to alloc.c, make STATIC.
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (GC_push_current_stack,
        GC_push_gc_structures, GC_push_regs_and_stack): Remove prototypes
        (move the comments to the places where these functions are defined).
        * mach_dep.c (GC_push_regs_and_stack): Move to mark_rts.c and define
        as STATIC.
        * alloc.c (GC_timeout_stop_func, GC_stopped_mark,
        GC_print_heap_sects): Convert a group of printf() calls into
        a single one (for output atomicity).
        * mark_rts.c (GC_print_static_roots): Ditto.
        * alloc.c (GC_stopped_mark): Output blank line (when logging) for
        convenience to delimit collections.
        * alloc.c (GC_clear_a_few_frames): Rename NWORDS to CLEAR_NWORDS;
        make "frames" local variable volatile (to prevent optimization).
        * alloc.c (GC_try_to_collect_inner, GC_stopped_mark,
        GC_finish_collection, GC_allocobj): Remove outdated comments about
        disabling signals.
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (GC_register_displacement_inner,
        GC_gcollect_inner): Ditto.
        * alloc.c (GC_try_to_collect_inner, GC_stopped_mark,
        GC_finish_collection): Initialize "start_time" local variable (to 0)
        to suppress compiler warning.
        * mark_rts.c (GC_add_roots_inner): Ditto (for "old" variable).
        * alloc.c (GC_RATE, MAX_PRIOR_ATTEMPTS): Guard with "ifndef".
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (clock, GC_stop_world, GC_start_world,
        GC_acquire_mark_lock, GC_release_mark_lock, GC_notify_all_builder,
        GC_wait_for_reclaim, GC_notify_all_marker, GC_wait_marker): Replace
        K&R-style function prototypes with ANSI C one.
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (ABORT): Define as DebugBreak() for
        Win32/WinCE if SMALL_CONFIG (the same as in GC_abort()).
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (ROUNDED_UP_WORDS, abs): Remove unused
        * include/private/gc_priv.h (GC_noop): Declare for Borland C the
        same as for Watcom.
        * mark_rts.c (GC_push_conditional_with_exclusions): Add ARGSUSED tag.

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