[Gc] Re: [bdwgc] boehm-gc incompatible with aslr on darwin11 (#13)

Ivan Maidanski ivmai at mail.ru
Wed Feb 22 03:46:32 PST 2012


Could somebody propose a workaround? May be Patrick Marlier could help.


22 02 2012, 13:11 nicity <reply+i-3329737-a1dea316d11d14c478bc86091887fd24684337c1-460469 at reply.github.com>:
> GC_mark_from crashes on executable built on MacOSX Lion, which has ASLR option on
> Please see detailed description at
> http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=52179
> ---
> Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub:
> https://github.com/ivmai/bdwgc/issues/13

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