[httperf] More than one IP

Rivalino Matias Jr. rivalino at eps.ufsc.br
Tue Jul 6 16:49:07 PDT 2004


I need use httperf with  one or more IPs which I will determine manually, like that:

        httperf -I eth0 ..... (there isn't -I option)

In this case, httperf will bind to eth0 IP. 

Right now, just one IP is sufficient. However, the more advanced test cases will require more than one IP. In this case, I will have more than two IPs associated to my host and httperf needs know these alias, like:

httperf -I eth0:0 - eth0:100 ...  or something like that. Of course, I'm not considering the issues related to the distribution between connections per IPs, etc...

I read the httperf man pages but I didn't find anything near from that. Is it possible ? Anybody knows how to do that ? 

Thank you in advance !


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