[httperf] Newbee question

Mark Pors mark at dreamzpace.com
Tue Jun 14 12:04:01 PDT 2005

Dear Martin,

Thanks for your anwer! It seems that --wsesslog is indeed more useful 
for what I intend.

I tried:

--hog --wsesslog=380,1,sfile --max-connections=2 --rate=1 --timeout=10

with sfile:

I thought that should do it, but then the 380 will never be reached, 
right? It adds 1 session per second and many will have finished before 
the 380 is reached. Or will each session loop through the session file 
Can I force the program to loop through the session file (as with --wlog)?
Also: what is the meaning of --max-connections in this context?



Martin Arlitt wrote:

>if you use the --wsesslog option (instead of --wlog) you can simulate
>multiple simultaneous users.  with this option httperf will use one
>connection per user, assuming persistent connections are not disabled.
>On Thu, 9 Jun 2005, Mark Pors wrote:
>>I have been playing with httperf and it looks very promising for my
>>purpose, but I am not sure how to interpret some of the options.
>>What I try to accomplish is the following:
>>- generate a load of x 'users' simultaneous
>>- where a 'user' is  simulation of a web browser, loading a single HTML
>>page including all images, style sheets etc.
>>- the 'user' has never more than 2 simultaneous connections with the server
>>So I could make a file containing the URL of the web page + all URLs of
>>the images etc., and call that file with --wlog=y,file.txt
>>Using --max-connections 2  should ensure that each session doesn't use
>>more than 2 simultaneous connections (am I correct?).
>>Now is the question: how do I get 'x' simultaneous 'users'? The --rate
>>option doesn't seem to have any influence...
>>Any help is highly appreciated!
>>Kind regards,
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