[httperf] Newbee question

Stan P. van de Burgt stan at roundzero.nl
Tue Jun 14 16:41:47 PDT 2005

Couldn't that be accomplished by setting the rate to the number of 
sessions? i.e.

    --hog --wsesslog=380,1,sfile --max-connections=2 --rate=380 --timeout=10

- Stan

PS: Not sure what the effect --max-connections=2 is here. I assume 
you want to mimic the use of 2 connections that some (most?) browsers 
use. Will httperf actually use 2 connections per session this way? So 
will it request index.php, then /css/style.css and /pict1.gif (over 2 
connections) and then /pictN.gif ?

At 10:04 PM +0300 6/14/05, Mark Pors wrote:
>Dear Martin,
>Thanks for your anwer! It seems that --wsesslog is indeed more 
>useful for what I intend.
>I tried:
>--hog --wsesslog=380,1,sfile --max-connections=2 --rate=1 --timeout=10
>with sfile:
>     /css/style.css
>     /pict1.gif
>     /pictN.gif
>I thought that should do it, but then the 380 will never be reached, 
>right? It adds 1 session per second and many will have finished 
>before the 380 is reached. Or will each session loop through the 
>session file (sfile)?
>Can I force the program to loop through the session file (as with --wlog)?
>Also: what is the meaning of --max-connections in this context?

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