[httperf] Newbee question

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Wed Jun 15 07:22:09 PDT 2005

for the particular session that Mark created, which has a duration of
approximately 1 second, you could achieve 380 concurrent sessions by
setting the rate to 380, since the rate option specifies the rate at which
sessions are created.  however, if Mark changed the session so that the
duration was more than 1 second (or added additional sessions that had
durations longer than 1 second), then the rate option alone will not
directly control the number of concurrent sessions.

in the particular example given by Stan, the test duration would be about
1 second, since the rate equals the number of sessions to generate.  the
test duration could be controlled by increasing the number of sessions to

regarding the max-connections option, there are several issues to be aware
of.  first, when the server supports persistent connections, httperf may
only use a single connection per session (in fact I'm not sure when
httperf will open a second persistent connection for a session).  second,
if the server does not support persistent connections, httperf has no
choice but to use a separate connection for each request in the session.


On Wed, 15 Jun 2005, Stan P. van de Burgt wrote:

> Couldn't that be accomplished by setting the rate to the number of
> sessions? i.e.
>     --hog --wsesslog=380,1,sfile --max-connections=2 --rate=380 --timeout=10
> - Stan
> PS: Not sure what the effect --max-connections=2 is here. I assume
> you want to mimic the use of 2 connections that some (most?) browsers
> use. Will httperf actually use 2 connections per session this way? So
> will it request index.php, then /css/style.css and /pict1.gif (over 2
> connections) and then /pictN.gif ?
> At 10:04 PM +0300 6/14/05, Mark Pors wrote:
> >Dear Martin,
> >
> >Thanks for your anwer! It seems that --wsesslog is indeed more
> >useful for what I intend.
> >
> >I tried:
> >
> >--hog --wsesslog=380,1,sfile --max-connections=2 --rate=1 --timeout=10
> >
> >with sfile:
> >#
> >/index.php
> >     /css/style.css
> >     /pict1.gif
> >     /pictN.gif
> >#
> >
> >I thought that should do it, but then the 380 will never be reached,
> >right? It adds 1 session per second and many will have finished
> >before the 380 is reached. Or will each session loop through the
> >session file (sfile)?
> >Can I force the program to loop through the session file (as with --wlog)?
> >Also: what is the meaning of --max-connections in this context?
> >
> >Thanks!
> >
> >Mark
> [...]

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