[httperf] Is there a way to compile/link httperf with a different OpenSSL library

Yusuf Goolamabbas yusufg at outblaze.com
Wed Nov 16 06:39:52 PST 2005

> did you try setting the environment variables CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS in the
> way specified in the README file?

Martin, I did, the resulting httperf says
./httperf: unrecognized option `--ssl'

I suspect it could be due to my use of 0.9.8a which changes the ABI
siege has a configure flag --with-ssl=<dir> which takes into account different
OpenSSL versions and sets up LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS appropiately.

Siege :- http://www.joedog.org/siege/index.php

> thanks
> Martin

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