[httperf] The glibc FD_SETSIZE problem and a solution

Jesse Byler lists.httperf at web19.eml.cc
Mon Nov 28 14:34:44 PST 2005

First of all, for httperf users who haven't found it, Julian T J 
Midgley's http performance tutorial at 
http://xenoclast.org/doc/benchmark/ is an invaluable supplement to 
the httperf documentation, as it provides explanations for how to 
interpret httperf output and how to determine if the output is valid, 
as well as a program autobench which wraps httperf to provide the 
ability to run a series of tests and graph the results.

I ran into problems when trying to implement Julian's recommendations 
for tuning file descriptor limits on Linux.  The problem is that 
increasing the file descriptor limit (either as Julian describes or 
by using the bumpfdrun wrapper at 
http://developers.sun.com/solaris/articles/polling_efficient_bumpfdrun.c ) 
doesn't buy you much with a stock httperf, because httperf-0.8 
notices that the number of file descriptors is bigger than it can 
hold in an fdset (FD_SETSIZE) and complains:

httperf: warning: open file limit > FD_SETSIZE; limiting max. # of 
open files to FD_SETSIZE

Thus a stock httperf-0.8 doesn't take advantage of the increased file 
descriptor limit.  My clunky solution was to recompile the entire 
libc with a new FD_SETSIZE and link httperf with this modified libc.  
Julian has a much simpler solution - hack httperf ("simply take a 
copy of the fd_set struct definition in sys/select.h, change the name 
of the struct, set a large FD_SETSIZE and slap it into a header file 
that you include wherever necessary in httperf's source").  He 
provided me with a patch that does exactly that.

The attached patch file (from Julian T J Midgley, submitted here by 
permission - thanks Julian!) should apply against a clean httperf-0.8 

 cd httperf-0.8; patch -p1 < /tmp/fix_fd_setsize.patch

Optionally set LOCAL_FD_SETSIZE in the new file fd_set.h as required 
(it defaults to 102400, which is likely to be high enough for most 
purposes), rebuild, and the patched httperf does not suffer from the 
glibc FD_SETSIZE limitation.

While we're in the business of patching the httperf-0.8 source, I'll 
include another minor patch which fixes the ./configure problem where 
httperf likes to install into /bin instead of $prefix/bin.  If there 
are any httperf maintainers on this list, perhaps the two patches 
could be incorporated into an httperf-0.9 release?

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