[httperf] University Engineering Team Plan 0.8.1 and Beyond

Ted Bullock tbullock at canada.com
Fri Dec 8 20:04:43 PST 2006


Another follow up, I can say that the re-factored httperf branch
compiles out of the box on FreeBSD. However due to a small problem with
a missing sys/select.h it does not fully compile on HP-UX 11.11 yet.
Although it may build on older releases of HP-UX.

So the list of confirmed working platforms is now as follows:
Linux (x86)
OpenBSD (x86)
Solaris (sparc)
FreeBSD (IA-64 and x86)

HP-UX will not build yet

Anybody interested in downloading the re-factored branch can download a
tarball from:


I recommend building it with the following command:

tar -xzvf Httperf-0.9.tar.gz &&
mkdir build &&
cd build &&
../httperf-0.9/configure &&

The resulting binary will be located under the src directory.  Note that
is this not a new release of httperf.  It is just a development branch
that should be used for testing.  At this time it includes most/all the
fixes from our 0.8.1 candidate and a re-factored autotools build system.

Again, any feedback is welcome

-Ted Bullock
Fourth Year Engineering Student
University of Calgary

Ted Bullock wrote:
> Hello All,
> You will all be glad to know that in my re-factored httperf branch, I
> have successfully made httperf compile on 3 separate platforms out of
> the box. 
> The currently tested and functional platforms on this branch are:
> Linux (opensuse 10.1/10.2)
> OpenBSD (i386)
> Solaris (sparc)

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