[httperf] configuring httperf

Martin Arlitt arlitt at hpl.hp.com
Tue Jun 13 12:16:26 PDT 2006

hi Bhagwan

you need to configure and compile httperf before you can use it.  the
README file included in the archive you extracted describes this process.
httperf should build on most linux/unix systems.  it may build on windows
as well (e.g., cygwin environment).


On Tue, 13 Jun 2006, Bhagwan Anjanappa wrote:

> Hi all,
>    I downloaded the httperf-0.8 from the website and after unzipping I
> got a folder with lot of .c files and .h files and 3 folders. Well my
> question is with all this How do I start using it so that I get a
> command line option like this
> httperf [--burst-length N] [--client I /N] [--close-with-reset]
> [-d|--debug N] [--failure-status N]
> [-h|--help] [--hog] [--http-version S] [--num-calls N] [--num-conns N]
> [--port N] [--rate X] [--recvbuffer
> N] [--send-buffer N] [--server S] [--think-timeout X] [--timeout X]
> [--uri S] [-v|--verbose]
> [-V|--version] [--wlog y|n,F] [--wsess N,N,X] [--wset N,X]
> also it would be of great help if anyone would let me know the
> Configuration and tuninmg of the systems needed to be done. Any reply
> would be deeply appreciated. Thanking you all in advance.
> Bhagwan
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