[httperf] connection failed with unexpected error 49

Mark Nottingham mnot at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Jun 14 11:19:46 PDT 2006

#define EADDRNOTAVAIL   49              /* Can't assign requested  
address */

I found that this patch helps avoid -- but not eradicate -- the error:

On 2006/06/14, at 9:52 AM, Rick Jones wrote:

> Stefan Groschupf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> btw, a nice tool.
>> However I note that I got bogus results if following error will   
>> reported:
>> httperf: connection failed with unexpected error 49
>> The network traffic stops and the request rate is much less than   
>> expected.
>> What does this error mean? How to prevent this error?
>> My test client is a dual core intel chip with OSX, httperf was   
>> builded via open darwin ports?
> Assuming that is an errno error, a couple things come to mind -  
> first, adding an strerror() call to the code to get the systems  
> error string for that errno.
> Second, looking for that number in errno.h.  On HP-UX that would be  
> as simple as:
> grep 49 /usr/include/sys/errno.h
> for OSX, you may need to see what /usr/include/errno.h includes and  
> make sure you search those files.
> Armed with that knowledge, we may be able to determine better what  
> is going-on and how to deal with it.
> rick jones
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