[httperf] Delay after 302 responses

Claude Brisson claude at renegat.net
Tue May 8 13:36:02 PDT 2007

Le jeudi 26 avril 2007 à 20:22 +0000, Arlitt, Martin a écrit :
> Hi Claude
> I tried issuing a single request using httperf/0.8 to a server that 
> issues a 302 response for a particular url, and found no problems.
> If you could capture a full packet trace using tcpdump of the test you
> described, I will take a look and see if I can spot the root cause.

Captured raw paquet trace sent to you in a private email... 

> Also, what is the keep-alive timeout value on your server?

It does correspond - 15 seconds against 14.998. But in my understanding,
httperf should not wait for the keep-alive to end, should it?


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