[httperf] wlog not work

Arlitt, Martin martin.arlitt at hp.com
Fri Aug 19 10:33:46 PDT 2011

Hi Matias

Yes, it looked like in your original message that there were \n characters in your file.


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Hi Martin,

Yes, this is my file.

I found something I think is working, before running httperf, execute the following line

tr "\n" "\0" < urls.txt > urls.httperf

And then run the load as follows

httperf --hog --ssl --server=api.mercadolibre.com --wlog=n,urls.httperf --rate=1 --print-request --print-reply=[header]


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Hi Matias

Can you please attach the log file you are providing to httperf?


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Subject: [httperf] wlog not work


Need help with module wlog, I want httperf run each urls that I have a file and can not get the separate.


httperf response
SH0:GET /users/57227988/cards?access_token=CS-081809-2fb3973cd9b587a6cbbe8af107a8fef494dfab446d8fc7ecdc4e998e139e3696ffd0f9ca1b2d13f35319e90cfb7520c7\0
SH0:/users/25182406/cards?access_token=CS-081809-eabd0b4ee3242a1556091979e9e26e37f2fad9060e92ca7ba41823a59a990f33c260db87d4c9f1da87e2091fb002ed9f\0 HTTP/1.1

is taking the two uris as 1

Sorry for my English

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