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world's best industrial research lab (wbirl) program

In 1995, in a division-wide "town meeting" conducted in a virtual cyber-tent, HP Labs articulated its vision to become the best industrial research lab not only in the world, but for the world. The vision quickly grew, and has been embraced and adapted by the Hewlett-Packard Company:  HP for the World.

This image, conceived by HPL engineer Sid Liebes, captures the spirit of HP for the world. Bill and Dave gaze into the garage where HP and Silicon Valley began. That symbol of entrepreneurship is balanced by the Apollo 13 view of Earth from Space, showing its beauty and its fragility. It speaks to the people of HP of what we could be. It reminds us of the partnership between Bill and Dave that sparked this company, and of our partnership with one another and with the world.

HP for the World

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