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How to Write a Readers' Theater Script: More Ideas
by Jessica Bailey

  • When writing the RT, do your best to "feel" what the person felt when the situation happened. The more the feelings flow, the easier it will be to write.
  • Visualize how you would like the presentation to flow before writing anything. This will help you organize your thoughts.
  • Don't be afraid to be creative.
  • Consider preparing a few variations of the same script. This will give your editors and reviewers a few options.
  • Think of ways to make the stories flow together. Consider adding metaphors, conversational dialogues or common verses to create a cohesive script.
  • Draw feelings from your own experiences. Think of situations when you felt the same feelings that your trying to convey. Think about things that you wish you had said, but didn't. Again, the more you get into the feelings, the easier it is to write.
  • Try to find a nice, quiet place to organize your thoughts.
  • Read the script out loud before showing it to anyone. You can usually find errors quicker by doing a run-through before you show your first draft.
  • Highlight the exaggeration points while your writing, if you can. Only you can really know the point your trying to make by using certain words/phrases. If you forget your point, then you can't share it with others. For instance, I put all of the bag names in quotations, i.e., "cement ceiling". I did this to remember to emphasize the words.

(I hope this helps!)

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