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How to Write a Readers' Theater Script:  More Ideas

by Liz Yager

The following are some topics GLEN members may chose to discuss in their story. The theme to ask people to write about is "what is your experience as a gay, lesbian or bisexual employee at Hewlett-Packard?". The stories cover all kinds of ground: positive & negative experiences, the impact of benefits, feeling included through to being harassed, family situations, etc.

I will not be sending actual stories. We have an agreement for safety among us to not distribute the theater material broadly. However, here is the gist of some of the stories:

  • the story of an employee's partner who was critically injured with permanent brain damage. Fortunately the partner had benefits, however, the employee was reprimanded for discussing this terrible family situation with coworkers.
  • the story of an employee with a pregnant partner who nearly left the company so that they would have medical coverage for the mother and child
  • the stories of how great HP is and that we want to be treated fairly and equitably, included, valued
  • the story of an employee relocating and the financial and personal stress not having relocation benefits placed on the relationship. The couple 'divorced' after 12 years together after the move.
  • the story of a gay man whose partner was dying, and did die, from AIDS and the pain of coming out plus dealing with management and needing to educate management around AIDS.
  • the stories of employees harassed verbally and phone threats

I hope this is enough to get peoples creative juices flowing. We will ask for more and edit the stories as needed to fit the message and the readers' theater format. When we do a new theater, we also include stories from other places and outside of the US to show the global nature of the issue.

Take good care,
Liz Yager


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