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HPL Conversation Canvas
Tuesday April 22, 2000 minus 3

What Did The Walk Through Time Evoke In You?

Appreciate focus on education. Important to know HP has done a LOT at University level.

What an honor to help create this day. Think I'm hearing an organization becoming aware of who you are.

I am overwhelmed by this walk through time. We are here for such a short time. Each of us can make a difference. Sid's dream and vision will affect many people and perhaps move many of us to make that difference for others.

Stirred by the accomplishments of unordered, non-received, non-ranked, unpublished (essentially 'til now . . .) non-patented connections and collaborations.

The WTT reminded me of how small we are and how short a time we live on this earth. It puts many things in the proper perspective. THANKS.

The long term emphasis on the effect of living organisms in the environment.

We have the potential to contribute for a long time. Will we contract, expand or stagnate?

A deep wonderment that a few simple laws of physics & chemistry can lead through myriad, countless interactions to the mind boggling complexity of our existence. For me the ultimate question is "who" conceived this "stuff" of this universe.

Deep programs catalyzed.

Deja Vu.

Model. Sense of community at HP!

This conversation and WTT need to be shared with the world!

Thrill. Dreams. We can bring our life to work.

Your energy is very inspiring. In "sustainability," people want examples.

Going to be a lot of change. This is a social problem - in the information business this is our business.

Can we be as smart as bacteria? Like using our pollutants to make oxygen?


How much we have yet to understand, and how humble we should be.

Thanks. Great example of imagination.

The "plants thru time" was a wonderful "hands on" supplement to the WTT. The WTT needs time to think and mull: seeing it in reverse gives it a very interesting perspective.

Awe inspiring!! Gave me a reverential experience of the history of the Earth, its fragility, and the serious responsibility we all have to ensure its survival. Find a way to make the WTT available as a "Life Comic Book" for all the children of the world for the next 25 years.

Explosion of life.

A sense of wonder, a sense of awe; a realization of how tiny humans are, yet with such potential.

I am amazed by the broad and diverse levels of knowledge and interests of HPLabs people. My gut tells me that this is an intrinsic evolutionary advantage for our company. My head tells me that such advantages often go unrealized. An evolutionary challenge.

If we want to survive - do nothing. If we want to survive and live the way we lived - go to Mars, because life is proliferation up to the limit.

It appears that no matter what man does, or does not do, greater forces are at work shaping our world and the universe. Take care and enjoy!

When humans go extinct, it will be a minor event.

Many of us enjoy the green space of Foothill. Remembering this will help us in the future to inconvenience ourselves to preserve open spaces/nature.

Perhaps the question is not of saving others, perhaps it is about our own survival and quality of life and relationship to our environment?

HP is concerned about our future, I hope that other companies and everyone joins in, for the children.

Realized that the 1000's of accomplishments through time DIRECTLY BENEFITTED the creatures involved... they lived longer, more comfortably, easier, etc... There was LOTS of self-interest motivating them.

Publish it. ...Maybe it won't perish.

We come from a long line that has poisoned the earth by its own existence.

HP is on the right track. Together we will help save our future.

A true sense of awe! I never realized the degree of Bio-Diversity!

Carrying the GAIA hypothesis to its logical next step says humanity is a disease of the earth. Let's do better!

Take better care of our environment.

A re-birth of my dreams! If Sid can do it, so can I!

Miniaturization for survival. It's 11 o'clock... do you know where your Feynman is?

Thrill in watching Sid's dreams come true.

I can understand where I get a lot of my personality traits from: My love for the ocean and seafood. It created a desire to travel outdoors.

Perspective. Humility. Understanding. HOPE.

We exist only in one splendid eye blink of time. How well we live that moment will affect, maybe determine, our future and that of all living things.

Is life inevitable or a mighty coincidence? I'm confused!

In another 10-20 million years, we'll be a part of another's vision like this.

Feelings of gratitude and responsibility.

Can technology provide tools for societal symbiogenesis?

Am I part of something BIG! I feel a new sense of responsibility and awe.

The WTT has been a comfort to me. We are all composed of differentiated cells and bacteria. As viable creatures, we are one with the ages.

3 big ones: Population-Consumption-Efficiency.

Walk thru Time was a delight! A visual delight!

How significant are we?

So, is cancer evolution?

Humans are not very important.

Inter-dependency of life.


Thank you for today!

Those bacteria exchanging DNA remind me of the importance of collaboration and working together.

Can life on earth exist for the remaining 1000 million years that the sun will support?

Very informative, and integrative of the life process.

The past reveals the future. The future will teach us about the past. Learn well and teach.

Silent appreciation of life creating life!

Reminded me of going to a museum with my dad, who read every word.

So, where else in our universe is a spherical mass sustaining similar stunning complexity of Bio-Chemical interactions? And which of the trillion (or more) forks in life's road have they taken?

A revulsion at how one species, MAN, can upset GAIA.

Grateful where we can talk about ecology in public. Thanks.

How inflexible my fellows were when I did it backwards.

I'd like to compare rates of climate change (or species extinction) between great past catastrophes and man's modern influence.


Exchange DNA to change!

Environmental message powerful -- also, metaphor of changing organisms.

Reminded of Apollo 13...Power is the critical thing. We could focus attention.

We're TOP HEAVY in Silicon Valley. We need base of well being.

How short a time things or PEOPLE are alive... and my time on earth...Amazed we talk about realizing dreams in the company.

Modern humans only represent a small blip on the timeline of history.

The "business-speak" of some text was distracting to my appreciation of those episodes.

Now I understand what I sensed before.

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What Are Your Hopes For The Future?

That the process of evolution continues and that the human species helps -- participates -- in complexity and richness.

Evolving common sense about our world.

I hope that children and adults seeing this will take time to act to change society's direction.

People make things happen! Carpool!

Mentor high school students in scientific thinking BEFORE college. You have to know how to analyze and evaluate when you enter college to be successful. HP's greatness will be carried on to future generations through the children.

Companies like HP can use its influence on corporate partners and gov't to take better care of our planet while producing the goods and services used by its inhabitants.

I hope we nurture this planet for a long and healthy time, and then we travel in and become citizens of the larger community -- the universe.

My hope: that the species will foster this evolutionary journey.

Enjoy life in our world. Share it with those who live with us. Preserve our earth. Enable a rich life for those who come after us.

To continue to explore the unknown and to share experiences with all mankind.

Make it possible for our children to have the same opportunities we have.

Packard Foundation: Hope we can get funding for this work.

That all humans could have this kind of understanding of where we've come from.

That HP adopts the motto "HP for the World" as the corporate statement of our citizen objective.

HP includes a "Declaration of Independence" in its corporate philosophy as a model to all businesses of how to be a corporate citizen.

That we continue to find meaning in conservation and education. That we continue to celebrate and grow.

SURVIVAL! Population equalization -- reduction of human numbers. Balance. Harmony.

Limit populations! PLEASE!!

My hope is that management will support more employees' dreams, especially in the area of education.

Realization of our resources and the million years ago it took to create them and how quickly we use them in the name of technology -- progress or change?

More social science closer to technological achievements.

We realize, as Homo Sapiens, our correct relationship with our home, planet earth.

That companies become NET contributors to the next generations.

Feeling rather insignificant following the WTT, I hope I can make a difference.

Hope to find a way for others who need or want their mark on the world...to make it without leaving HP or HPL.

Hope that some organizational risk takers and business risk takers will rise up to HPL's future challenges and match the evident technical risk takers who are already thriving.

Earth is not reliable in the long term. Let us colonize other planets!

A hope for continuing evolution, symbiosis and survival of life, especially human!

I hope there is a future!

Carry "HP for the World" out to manufacturing.

Education and human development as fast as our tools -- hope we have a vision.

Hope this will be a source of inspiration.

Harmony, melody, rhythm.

How about that all HP products help the environment?

Diversity helps us learn to get along well with others. HP set an example to the world.

That all children of the world could have the same opportunity to receive proper nutrition, shelter and education, so that strong feelings of hope and positive change could occur throughout all countries!

Future will be brighter and brighter. Human beings will come closer to each other. World will become "one" community.

I felt very humble. But very hopeful for the future.

That everyone will realize we are all part of the earth -- not separate from it!

Tools will be there if we can decide what goals we want.

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What Are Your Fears About the Future?

Overpopulation. Less pleasant environment. Resource depletion. Waste accumulation.


Magic instead of science.

If we screw up, and all life on earth ends, and we destroy the planet as we know it -- I don't think we'll be missed.

My concerns (not really fears) are drift of values and isolation. We should always compare our real values to the values we strive for. We must guard against isolation, from our families, colleagues, community, and customers. There are, unfortunately, forces which drive us in the wrong direction. Introspection and discussion are crucial to our health.

Extinction of intelligence is the drive for efficiency.

If education isn't improved, HP will be hurt.

That HP will stop concentrating on its people, and will become like "any other company" and go into complacency. Right now, we're the best!

That this is a golden era for HPL that won't last forever, or until I retire!

The next extinction.

Lack of space! Too many people.

My fear is that the Earth may not begin all over again after we become extinct!

Overpopulation which depletes limited resources.

Life has its meaning. It's about learning, developing your potential and making a contribution.

That people are afraid to change in order to do what is right for the world. Defeat the fear of death and welcome death of fear.

Global warming? What's going to happen?

"The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens." Baha'u'llah

Fear that HPL organizational boundaries and people's focus on measures here don't allow the burrowing mud-worm to connect to a speedster or a vent creature who all wish to mix together on an initiative.

Too many people.

Does this mean extinction is unavoidable?

Do we really get that we, WE can make a difference?

Will our thirst for understanding our past, remove God from our future?

The patterns of mass extinction and re-birth may be the normal evolution of GAIA.

Population! Population! How much can the earth sustain?

Fears of mass extinction from our own meddling with the ecosphere resulting in yet another "reset" in life.

That nature will find ways to kill the human population, the way she does with other species.

Jobs/ Quality down - something more than world in the LABS?

That we'll confuse activity with purpose.

Hopefully the next asteroid that hits the earth will be considerably less than 6 miles in diameter.

I don't know where I was during all of my classes - this made me AWARE.

Will business pressure lead to our extinction?

That HP responds to how it is measured. HP is measured by Wall Street, which does not care about "contribution to society." Can we ever transcend reacting to these measures?

That population control will not be put into place. Cultural differences create difficult moral and religious canyons to span. Thinking globally is imperative for us all.

I fear our human "can do" egos will continue to disrespect our neighbors and co-inhabitants of the earth. We must control our population! We must respect the diversity of life!

Exponential growth. Quantum manipulation. Tools more powerful than us.

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What Potential Contributions Could HPL Make to the Future?

Invest in, and support our kids starting at age 0 - in all ways.

Responsible leadership and examples.

Design, create and manufacture HI ENERGY SOLAR.

Be a powerful organization becoming aware and conscious of its service.

Be more creative! Other metrics: "Will it make the world better?"

Help HPL employees make the world a better place by giving paid time (1-2 days) dedicated to volunteering.

Can we create a book for sale called WTT and donate proceeds to a world environment organization?

Let the community know how MUCH HP does.

Repeated patterns of adaptation - species "joining" species. Diversifying...

Lead the philosophical regeneration of HP at HPLabs "Declaration of Independence."

PBS hour: WTT (?)

25 year people and environmental plan.

Hosting non-profits on the WTT.

Increased collaboration across HPLabs will really help! Just great!

Environmental information services. New enterprise life cycle simulations.

There's got to be health care.

Spread the WTT to others and actualize "what is profitability in education?"

Can HP = healthy planet?

HP should look for space related projects: put bacteria on planets, or nano machines etc...

For being so insignificant in this incredible process, we humans unfortunately may have the most major and devastating impact in the future. But!! we have time to start the change: Don't drive to work!!!!

HP can develop new educational paradigms.

Sensors. Small, durable, low-cost devices to enhance our ability to measure and control parameters that affect our lives...HP has power here!

Take personal responsibility.

A WTT book!!!

Live the HP image.

Synthesized resources which are fully consumed, leaving nothing behind.

Let us involve our children even more with our plans, ideas, and work days!

Where is the sustainable momentum event-to-event on education for all or health care for all...?

How can we make a profitable contribution to education? There's got to be one. Is there another way to ask the question?

Develop technology to enable our survival.

Conservation and better environments.

Affordable recyclable home health care. User-oriented measurement instrumentation.

Live animation science education (perhaps founded by the Packard Foundation).

HP can, on large scale, inspire the world through unique solutions and tools to further our understanding of life.

Set HP goals in recycling. Take the lead.

Have to do creative classroom products. Help our sales proposition.

HP can help end global illiteracy!

Lab information technology: storage, indexing, managing...start to understand.

HPLabs is in a position to take some risks that others cannot, to combine the talents of diverse creative people, to commercialize the work through our partners outside HPL and thereby change the way that things are done. There aren't many folks so blessed.

HP product stewardship! INKJET CARTRIDGE RECYCLING!!!!

Align our inner, outer and workplace environment.

Need to change our time horizon...25 years. Recycle printer parts!!! Start now.

Population. Medical devices.

Recycle in each building.

Efficiency. Scientist engineer opportunity.

We can make it first acceptable, then desirable, and then essential for global corporations like HP to take a sustainable perspective on their role for the whole planet at the same time that they do business.

WTT: Bristol, Japan, etc.....

Let HP become known as the "recycle company" and save the earth's resources!

HPL can include environmental preservation in future design and technology.

Environmental monitoring systems tied to a network that was globally supported, i.e., Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute monitors CO2 levels in the ocean and shares that data with other institutions of marine science.

It's up to all of us to make the change necessary to save the planet. Before we are lost!

Think about using pollutants from the start, like bacteria.

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Corvallis Questionnaire Responses

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