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HPL Visitors' Conversation Canvas
Saturday April 26, 2000 minus 3

What Did The Walk Through Time Evoke In You?

Use fewer words and words that can be understood by young children, and those without background in Biology, Archaeology, or Chemistry.

I thought I would hate this exhibit, but really it was wonderfully exuberant! And I learned a whole lot!

Thank you, Sid, for realizing your dream, and allowing us to enjoy it!

HP is a nice place, and I hate dinosaurs.

If we want to see changes, let's start at home. HP can change the world.

Are we engaging in wishful thinking? We emphasize collaboration, but in nature just as in humans, there are parasites. Why have we ignored them?

We come from a long line of growth and mergers - always changing in response to our environment - our environment changing in response to us. Unpredictable outcome.

Thanks. A much better sense of where we lie in the evolution of the universe. The ego is humbled!

Use more pictures, fewer words.

Hope that the word will get out ...in time!

This should be a book for kids.

More people should take time to learn about the past, to improve the future. Not destroy it!

I think this exhibit was so interesting! You should show it in schools!

Nice, well done.

Life is great!

I learned a lot, and that's what it's all about. Thanks, Sid!

Life is wonderful! How lucky we are!

Pride and wonder. Pride in our infantile understanding. Wonder at the mechanism and complexities of life.

It was so interesting.

We're made of meat. How bizarre and charming that we can create society, hierarchy, meaning and emotion!

What if we send life (bacteria) to other planets?

Aren't we in HP's most profitable business of printers causing the largest number of trees to be destroyed?

Let us stop being so hypocritical. We in the USA are consuming far more than other countries, and then turning to lesser developed countries to tell them not to do the same.

"...I was looking through microscopes to see how our life began. I've been training my eyes on the stars to see where it ends... but it's this living in between that is bringing me down to a land that's lost in dreams..." (lyrics by Tim Booth of James)

The exhibit was really cool!

It put in perspective the very minor role my presence on Earth will play.

It was cool. Especially the water bear.

Thank you for doing a great job!

I hope our children can learn from this history in time.

Since the Walk Through Time I have come to affirm mess in my life. "Order" is unnecessary, costly, and irrelevant to what matters.

A desire to learn more about the history of the Earth.

I really liked coming! I also liked looking at all the interesting things!

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What Are Your Hopes For The Future ?

That it can be totally controlled.

I hope nobody destroys the future.

That mankind will survive the next big rift in the ecosystem: Think subterranean condos: brought to you by Century 21.

A need to facilitate joining of minds and spirits to contribute to the healing of the planet.

I hope that they do not cut the rain forest down.

I hope mankind becomes nicer to each other, and do the rest of the world a favor.

That the filoviruses be contained and destroyed before they do the same to us.

To continue "crystallizing" and "evolving" our understanding of life synergies. Nice job.

Hope: That understanding microbials keeps getting hipper...where the action was, and is.

I need to study more!

That man does not destroy the planet!

Life will go on in spite of man.

I hope everyone has a good life.

Classes should be taught internationally on the Walk Through Time so our children can be aware. Classes should be mandatory like history, etc.

HP has the resources and abilities to commit to be a true global leader in positively impacting Earth's environment.

Three factors (population, resource consumption, and utilization efficiency) are the key. The Packard and Hewlett foundations are helping address the first. Education can help people make better choices for the second. And technology companies like HP can contribute to the third. Without addressing all three, long-term progress on the solutions to the world's problems are impossible.

No natural problems.

To save Earth from pollution, destruction of the ozone layer and more.

HP will stop pushing products designed to kill trees. (I work here, it's demoralizing.)

Evolution of our capacity to extract emotion, while limiting the amount of consumption.

That we continue to produce people like Sid Liebes.

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What Are Your Fears About The Future?

To not know. To not realize. To disappear with no truth.

Only 100 million years more? That's nothing! We're almost through!

I'm afraid we're changing our environment too fast without changing ourselves in response. It's give and take.

My fear is that the world's resources (oil, mineral, energy...) will finish soon.

I am afraid that humans might destroy too many species of animals.

Earth blowing up!

That it cannot be stopped.

Since corporate organisms rule the modern biosphere, only the management of these organisms has a widespread effect. And this is all run by the motive to acquire more money.

A human included man extinction.

That most people stay ignorant about our fragile environment.

Decisions that lead to a better environment often are at odds with today's business model. The time frames are grossly mismatched. If we could get business leaders to look 25 to 50 years out (rather than next quarterly fiscal statement) sound business and environmental goals are the same.

We need to identify "The Plan" and follow it!

Mass extinction has its own schedule.

What do humans look like a few million years from now?

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What Potential Contributions Could HP Labs Make To The Future?

Hire me as Vice President.

To keep the spirit of the mind growing and thinking more.

Get into paperless and inkless printing.

Sponsor experimental science and educational programs. Pair HP employees with teachers. Develop high-tech, hands-on bio lessons for kids K-12.

Good job of sponsorship HP! Thanks for allowing/funding Sid to do this!

This is such an important, powerful message. We at Coyote Point Museum would love to partner with you in getting the message out.

In addition to business, technical contribution, and interest, let's add a "Help to solve world problems" criteria to our process of choosing what to do in HPL. If two proposals have similar "business prospects," let's choose the one that is going to help humans have a better long-term future.

Please share this exhibit with local schools!

Do more events like this to increase public awareness and spark interest!

Put it on the web!

Continue to sponsor more programs like this one!

Evolving our culture can be our contribution to our future. Our cultures need to be in sync with this story!

How about school videos and discussion lesson plans of Walk Through Time for primary, secondary, junior and senior high school students? College level, too!

HP should put permanent exhibits throughout the world. Walk Through Time is reality.

Merge ideas. An organization will benefit more when it is self-aware. Fast , loose, trade, swap, fusion.

HPL Conversation Canvas

Corvallis Questionnaire Responses

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