Scientific proof of “P ≠ NP” math problem proposed by HP Labs’ Vinay Deolalikar

Principal Research Scientist Vinay Deolalikar

Principal Research
Scientist Vinay Deolalikar

On August 8 of this year, Vinay Deolalikar, Principal Research Scientist in HP’s Storage and Information Management Platforms Lab in Palo Alto, published a scientific proof on "P not equal to NP” available here as an HP Labs Technical Report. His discovery has generated excitement among computer scientists worldwide, and has garnered coverage on traditional media sites (business and tech trades), scientific blogs, and Twitter. Deolalikar's work is going through the peer review process, and if correct, will answer a 50-year unsolved problem in the computer science field. This problem is so intractable that the Clay Mathematics Institute will award a $1 million (US) prize to the person who solves it. It is one of only seven problems, collectively known as the Millennium Prize Problems,non-hp site for which the institute has offered this prize.