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  • December 2011 HP Labs at 45
    As HP Labs commemorates the 45th anniversary of its founding, HP itself has a renewed commitment to innovation, says Prith Banerjee, Director of HP Labs.
  • December 2011 HP Labs takes on “big data” with innovative archiving system
    HP Labs has developed an innovative data archive system to solve the challenge of storing unstructured digital files by the billions.
  • December 2011 Disruptive technologies will lead the way for HP
    Prith Banerjee, Director of HP Labs, spoke to MIT's Technology Review about the innovation coming out of HP Labs, specifically about projects such as Project Moonshot, CeNSE and Memristor that illustrate the type of programs from Labs that are creating a revolution within HP’s businesses and the technology industry.
  • November 2011 Shaping the Cloud
    HP Labs research explores how next-generation cloud systems might be built. How these intentionally diffuse systems are assembled will have an increasingly significant impact on what they’re able to do and how well they can run.
  • November 2011 The US needs engineers with equal facility in computer science and mechanical engineering
    HP Senior Fellow Chandrakant Patel guest blogs for the Harvard Business Review and warns of a talent crisis in US engineering that could severely limit the "scaling of IT for the masses."
  • November 2011 HP Labs redefines live entertainment with immersive 3D
    HP today unveiled the HP Photon Engine solution, capable of broadcasting true-to-life 3D content on huge surfaces. It also allows enterprises to transform how they interact with data and customers.
  • November 2011 Social intelligence
    "Large groups of interacting people constitute a collective intelligence that can be harnessed for myriad purposes," writes Senior HP Fellow and director of the Social Computing Research Group at HP Labs Bernardo Huberman in an article for the latest issue of MIT's Technology Review. Repost courtesy of the "Technology Review"
  • November 2011 HP Labs research powers project Moonshot, HP’s new architecture for extreme low-energy computing
    HP today announces Project Moonshot, a program designed to advance extreme low-energy technologies for emerging web, cloud and hyper-scale environments that is substantially based on insights, research and technologies developed at HP Labs.
  • October 2011 Senior Labs directors participate in "Unlocking Your Energy" event in London
    Hear from Chandrakant Patel and John Manley among other HP executives about today's energy challenges and how HP can help organizations use technology to lower energy consumption and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • October 2011 HP Labs technology helps companies predict customer behavior
    New text analytics technology developed by HP's Information Analytics Lab is enabling data from social media to be merged with company data, thereby predicting customer behavior with up to 90% accuracy.
  • October 2011 HP Labs develops digital patient-safety dashboard to improve patient care at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital
    Researchers from HP Labs used the immense amount of data available inside a patient’s electronic chart to develop the electronic dashboard that improves care and saves lives.
  • October 2011 Nanostore expert promoted to HP Fellow
    Partha Ranganathan, one of the most accomplished and influential technologists in the areas of server and datacenter system architecture innovation, joined HP Labs in 2000.
  • October 2011 Towards a science of risk analysis
    As HP Labs' Security Analytics research is commercialized, it readies for the cloud.
  • October 2011 HP and Hynix to replace NAND flash and solid state drives
    Speaking at the 2011 International Electronics Forum in Seville, HP’s Stan Williams claimed HP and Hynix, which partnered last year to create new memristor technology, are aiming to release new non-volatile memory chip products capable of replacing NAND flash and solid state drives within 18 months.
  • September 2011 Labs technology helps track counterfeit drugs in India
    The solution known as the Global Authentification Service was developed by researchers in HP's Printing and Content Delivery Lab.
  • September 2011 Immersive 3D technology from HP Labs showcased at the Marchesa 2012 fashion show
    HP celebrated Fashion Week with Marchesa, capturing images of the Spring 2012 collection using HP Live 3D technology and showcasing an inspired piece of "tech art".
  • September 2011 Understanding social influence in recommender systems
    New research from HP Labs shows that our choices can be reversed when we’re exposed to the recommendations of others. In a surprising twist, though, we’re more likely to change our minds when fewer, not more, people disagree with us. Read a summary of this research on HP’s Data Central blog.
  • September 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Susan Tu
    Susan Tu is unique among HP Labs' interns this summer. While her peers are mostly already in graduate school, Tu has yet to enter college Link the title to the article page. She graduated this summer from the Harker School in San Jose, CA and will be entering Stanford University this fall.
  • September 2011 Collaboration on a global scale
    HP announces the recipients of its 2011 Innovation Research Program (IRP) awards.
  • September 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Sudarsun Kannan
    Sudarsun Kannan majored in computer science at the Sairam Engineering College at Anna University in Chennai, India. He then moved to Georgia Tech where he studied for a master's degree in computer science and where he's now a second year PhD student.
  • August 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Zhuoyao Zhang
    Zhuoyao Zhang grew up in Wuxi, near Shanghai, where she attended Fudan University as an undergraduate. She's now studying for a PhD in Computer and Information Science at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • August 2011 HP Networking Innovation day at HP Labs
    HP Labs director David Lee provides an overview of HP's newest Lab, its charter and technology "big bets" in networking and communications.
  • August 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Lulu He
    Lule He is a fourth year PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science at Northwestern University. This is He's first internship at HP Labs.
  • August 2011 Optical backplane research at HP labs
    Craig Matsumoto reports from the HP Networking Innovation media event about the prospect of replacing electrical connections with optical ones. Also, watch HP Labs' distinguished technologist Mike Tan demo HP's innovative optical backplane technology.
  • August 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Iris Tien
    A Bay Area native, Iris Tien is entering her fourth year as a PhD student in Systems Engineering at the University of California. She's interning with the Services Research Lab.
  • August 2011 HP Labs leads university students to solve sustainability problems
    Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group collaborates with top universities to create sustainable IT ecosystems.
  • August 2011 Labs technology powers HP's new Global Authentification Service to fight counterfeit drugs
    The HP Global Authentication Service allows pharmaceutical companies to monitor the movement of products through their global supply chains with a much higher degree of accuracy. The service runs on scalable, cloud-based technology originally developed by HP Labs.
  • August 2011 HP Labs intern profiles – 2011
    Hewlett-Packard has a long and proud tradition of recruiting top university students seeking to get exposure inside a high tech company like HP. This tradition is particularly well-established at HP Labs, where some of the best and brightest graduate and post-graduate students from around the world come to begin their professional development under the guidance and mentorship of some of the high tech industry's most accomplished and distinguished researchers.
  • July 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Haiyi Zhu
    Haiyi Zhu is interning at HP Labs for the first time this summer. A second-year PhD student at Carnegie Mellon University's Human Computing Interaction Institute, Zhu is working with Bernardo Huberman, director of HP's Social Computing Research Group.
  • July 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Justin Meza
    Justin Meza is a PhD student in electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. Meza grew up in Chino Hills, in Southern California. He is interning with the Intelligent Infrastructure Lab under the mentorship of senior research scientist Jichuan Chang.
  • July 2011 What Trends in Chinese Social Media
    A paper published by HP Labs delivers new insights into the content-sharing preferences of users on Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo.
  • July 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Gowtham Bellala
    Gowtham Bellala is a final-year PhD student in electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is interning with the Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group, under the mentorship of senior research scientist Manish Marwah.
  • July 2011 Summer 2011 Intern Profile: Shivaram Venkataraman
    Born and raised in Chennai, India, Shivaram Venkataraman graduated from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science. He is interning with the Intelligent Infrastucture Lab, under the mentorship of researcher Indrajit Roy.
  • June 2011 HP Labs India shows off Personalized Video application
    HP Labs India has released the public beta version of an online video application that allows users to draw from YouTube and similar sites to create personalized channels featuring content tailored to their preferences. The application also has a "suggestion channel" where videos are recommended based on user preferences, and it has the capability to push advertisements to clients. According to HP Labs researchers, the challenges of creating text-based content in local languages will cause video to dominate the internet experience in India and some other non-English speaking countries.
  • June 2011 Innovations at HP Labs Singapore
    Tech blogger and editor of Tech65 Justin Lee reports on "Labs Day" at HP Labs Singapore, highlighting a few of the innovations comming out of HP's research site in the Asia Pacific region.
  • June 2011 Prith Banerjee, Director of HP Labs, at HP Discover 2011
    Prith Banerjee engages in a wide-ranging conversation with John Furrier. Some of the topics covered include HP Labs' research areas, the collaboration with Vertica, HP's key cloud research and how Labs is poised to solve society's biggest problems, including bringing sustainable research to the city scale.
  • June 2011 Checking your health around the clock
    Linking mobile health monitoring devices with cloud computing is the vision behind HP's Mobile Health (mHealth) Monitoring Solution, a new, always-on, cloud-based healthcare offering that builds on research conducted at HP's Data Center Design for Cloud Computing Lab in Singapore.
  • May 2011 Building the Energy-Smart Home
    The HP Labs Home Energy Manager is a proof of concept for a service that could offer homeowners valuable information about what they can do to save energy.
  • May 2011 HP Labs researcher Sitaram Asur among the most creative people in business
    Fast Company magazine released it's annual list of "100 Most Creative People in Business" with Asur ranked No. 26. The recognition is for his research into Twitter to predict box office success.
  • May 2011 Revealed: the material properties of memristors
    In a paper published this week in the journal Nanotechnology, researchers from HP Labs and the University of California, Santa Barbara, show in unprecedented detail how memristors work at the material level.
  • May 2011 Prith Banerjee sat down for an interview about cloud research with tech website All Things Digital
    Arik Hessedahl talked to Prith Banerjee, HP's Senior Vice President for Research and director of HP Labs, about how the research going on in HP Labs fits with the company's new cloud-centric strategy.
  • May 2011 Sudhir Dixit, Director of HP Labs India, discusses the emerging trends in engineering education
    In an article in Education Times (a Times of India supplement) Sudhir Dixit makes clear that the "government and industry have to play a collective role in enhancing and upgrading the quality of education imparted in colleges and universities in India."
  • May 2011 Sophisticated analytics out of HP Labs to improve patient care at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
    A planned commitment from HP of $25 million over 10 years will help sustain and advance innovative, interdisciplinary research collaborations between scientists at HP Labs and Packard Children's Hospital.
  • April 2011 HP Labs Singapore focuses on customer co-innovation and democratizing the cloud
    HP Labs Singapore, in operation since February 2010, has attracted a cadre of international researchers, forged strategic relationships with Singaporean government agencies and universities, and most importantly, advanced HP's Customer Co-innovation program and efforts.
  • April 2011 HP Labs announces new environmental sustainability research
    HP Labs this week previewed two new research programs aimed at reducing HP customers' energy use, both of which further the company's commitment to advancing environmental sustainability.
  • March 2011 Tech Weekly podcast from the Guardian of London features a discussion about HP Labs India
    Aleks Krotoski is joined by HP Labs India's director, Sudhir Dixit, and senior research scientists, Geetha Manjunath and Sri Ganesh Madhvnath to talk about the interests of the web's next billion users.
  • March 2011 HP unveils new, groundbreaking home energy monitoring research from HP Labs
    The research includes a tool that uses sensors and HP gateways throughout the home to track energy consumption by room and appliance.
  • March 2011 HP Labs automates publishing with content analysis and composition technology
    Researchers at HP's Printing and Content Delivery Lab (PCDL) are developing a variety of automated publishing applications to help publishers, organizations and everyday people make the most of the digital technology transformation.
  • March 2011 HP nanotechnology research profiled in NY Times article
    HP Labs distinguished technologist Parthasarathy Ranganathan discusses the next stage of computing as it looks beyond the microprocessor to the advent of "nanostores."
  • February 2011 Customer Co-innovation
    With HP's customers' help, HP Labs researchers are developing the next generation of HP products and services.
  • February 2011 New research out of HP Labs demonstrates mainstream media influences on Twitter 'trends'
    HP researchers recently examined how popular subjects get to be listed among the top ‘trending' topics on Twitter.
  • February 2011 Labs 2010 Annual Report
    The HP Labs Annual Report highlights our research themes, significant inventions, technology transfers and, most importantly, our research team.
  • February 2011 WebOS at HP Labs
    The highly-regarded platform is helping expand the scope of HP Labs research
  • January 2011 From Micro-processors to Nanostores: Rethinking Data-Centric Systems
    In a cover feature for the January issue of Computer magazine, HP Labs' Parthasarathy Ranganathan writes about how the confluence of emerging technologies and new data-centric workloads offers a unique opportunity to rethink traditional system architectures and memory hierarchies in future designs. (PDF with kind permission of the IEEE Computer Society)
  • January 2011 HP Labs' researchers to deliver working protoype of "Dick Tracy Wristwatch" to U.S. Army
    Carl Taussig, research lead at HP Labs, discusses flexible electronic displays with San Jose Mercury News writer Brandon Bailey.
  • January 2011 Calling all researchers
    The 2011 HP Labs Innovation Research Program Call for Proposals is now open.
  • January 2011 HP Labs research on Twitter recognized by Socialmedia.Net's "Best of 2010"
    The influential social media blog highlights the findings documented in the HP Labs research paper Influence and Passivity in Social Media.