Open Innovation

Leveraging HP’s world-class innovation network

HP Labs’ Open Innovation team pursues and coordinates collaborations with researchers and entrepreneurs in academia, government and business. The team brings together expertise from around the world - connecting and collaborating with leading researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs to pursue the next generation of breakthrough technologies.

Through its Open Innovation programs HP Labs targets collaborations that achieve high-impact results, furthering the scientific and business goals of HP and its partners.

Open Innovation programs:

  • HP Labs Innovation Research Program. This formal request for proposals (RFP) program offers universities worldwide the opportunity to participate in joint research with leading HP Labs scientists on a competitive basis. More information on the HP Labs Innovation Research Program is available here.
  • Internships and Fellowships. HP Labs provides opportunites for internships, fellowships and sabbaticals in each of its locations around the world. Futher information can be found here.
  • Participation in Government Research Programs. HP Labs participates in Government Research Programs in the US (NSF, DARPA, etc.), EU, Brazil, Mexico, Singapore, and China. Contact with the Open Innovation Office and HP Labs Principal Investigators can be made here.

HP Labs actively seeks, develops, and performs research projects and programs in a range of future-facing technology areas that align with HP's strategic vision and goals. Our world-class staff of research scientists and engineers operates in cutting-edge facilities at seven locations around the world.

Current or potential research partners and funding agencies can find further information about HP Labs research staff and labor rates here.