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»HP Announces 2010 Innovation Research Awards

July 1, 2010 – HP today announced that it has selected 62 professors from around the world to receive awards as part of its third annual HP Labs Innovation Research Program. 62 projects at 49 institutions in 14 countries were selected for 2010 Innovation Research Awards. Read the feature story. Learn more about the 2010 awardees here.

»Open Cirrus: A Global Cloud Computing Testbed non-hp site

May 2010 - An Open Cirrus paper is featured in the latest issue of IEEE Computer magazine as a cover story on Cloud Computing. After two successful Open Cirrus summits conducted in the US (see links off of, a third summit is scheduled to take place in Korea. Discussions are in progress about subsequent summits to be held in Malaysia, Russia, and Singapore. Significant use of the Open Cirrus infrastructure by HP Labs researchers and a few external universities is ongoing. We are also pursuing the internal development of the Open Cirrus management stack in terms of the Cloud Sustainability Dashboard and Open Cirrus Reservation system. We are also excited about new site additions to Open Cirrus. At the moment we are in late legal discussions with four more sites and at various stages with four additional sites. At this pace, we can easily beat Moore's law and double the size every year. You can read more about Open Cirrus in the IEEE Computer magazine cover story.

»Innovation Research Program (IRP) 2010 – Call for Abstracts Completed!

March 2010 - When it closed on February 19th 323 authors from 240 universities had submitted a total of 375 abstracts in the IRP 2010 Call for Proposals. The best ones were selected by HP Labs researchers and the authors invited to develop full proposals by the end of March. Final selections for new proposals and renewal of funding for existing projects are scheduled to be announced in early May. More information about the IRP can be found at

»NSF Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship for Engineers Program Started!

February 2010 - The Strategy and Innovation Office at HP Labs and other industry research labs in the US have successfully helped NSF to create the NSF Corporate Research Postdoctoral Fellowship for Engineers Program. The program provides recent engineering PhD recipients the opportunity to conduct postdoctoral research in a corporate setting. These creative and highly trained engineers will contribute to areas of great interest and relevance to the nation. Each research fellow will receive a stipend of at least $75,000 plus health insurance benefits. The host company will provide a minimum of $27,500 and other non-cash support. With generous support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), this program will support 40 positions for a one-year appointment. This program is administered by the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE). See more at: site

»Collaboration with CITRIS

February 2010 – HP and CITRIS ( non-hp site are collaborating on a number of projects and initiatives, especially in the Sustainability area. HP is on the Board of CITRIS.

»The Green Government

President Obama has taken an aggressive position regarding reducing the footprint of the USA and moving the country toward energy independence. Besides allocating billions of dollars of federal money for alternative energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency research and programs, he has issued an Executive Order stating that all Federal Agencies must lead by example and significantly decrease their environmental impact. He has asked them to set aggressive goals for emission reductions and called for 26% reduction in potable water resources by 2020 site This represents an excellent opportunity for IT companies as IT will play a significant role in both assessing, monitoring and managing resource use.

HP ES Federal, HP Labs, and Intel hosted the second INDIGO Session (Innovative Dialogue with Government) in a series of sessions designed to bring thought leadership in 'Green IT' to the Federal community. These are a half day sessions with leaders from HP and other IT companies sitting down in a discussion format with leaders from many Federal Agencies to discuss their major challenges and how IT can help. There has been very positive feedback from the Federal participants and many new opportunities and challenges are being identified. Chandrakant Patel, HP Fellow and Director of the Sustainable IT Ecosystem Lab, has been a key participant from HP Labs

»Second Open Cirrus Summit held at Yahoo! Sunnyvale

January 2010 – HP, Intel Corporation and Yahoo! Inc. hosted the second Open Cirrus Summit on cloud computing at Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, CA. Over 80 attendees from academic and private sector institutions, including current and prospective members of the Open Cirrus™ global cloud computing research testbed, came together to report findings, define goals and consider new projects. Notable presenters at the event included Randy Bryant, dean of the School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Karsten Schwan, professor and director, Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems, Georgia Institute of Technology; and senior researchers from Intel and Yahoo. Read the feature story.


»HP Announces 2009 Innovation Research Awards

June 15, 2009 – HP today announced that it has selected 59 professors from around the world to receive awards as part of its second annual HP Labs Innovation Research Program. 60 projects at 46 institutions in 12 countries were selected for 2009 Innovation Research Awards. Read the feature story. Learn more about the 2009 awardees here.

»First Open Cirrus Summit held at HP Labs Palo Alto

June 8, 2009 – HP, Intel Corporation and Yahoo! Inc. this week hosted the first ever Open Cirrus Summit on cloud computing at HP Labs headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. Over 100 attendees, including current and prospective members of the Open Cirrus™ global cloud computing research testbed, came together to share project progress, discuss new opportunities and further solidify research into all aspects of large-scale cloud systems. Read the feature story.

» Imagining the Future of Publishing

May 2009 - Researchers from Rochester Institute of Technology's Open Publishing Lab, winner of a 2008 Innovation Research Award, will be showcasing their research at the upcoming Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival non-hp site, to be held on May 2, 2009. The project team, led by Dr. Frank Cost, is working with HP Labs' Web Services and Systems Lab to develop innovative models of collaboratively publishing content over the web. Read more.

» HP-UNESCO ‘Brain Drain in Africa’ Project Expands to New Countries

March 2009 – HP, in partnership with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), launched a pilot project in 2006 called "Piloting Solutions for Reversing Brain Drain in Africa". Piloted in five African countries, the project used grid computing technology to develop and strengthen networks between experts working away from their own countries and university students at home. Due to the pilot program’s outstanding success, HP and UNESCO are continuing their collaboration to create the first university grid for Africa and the Middle East by connecting one hundred universities via grid technology by 2011. Read more about the new project in this discussion with HP Labs’ Arnaud Pierson.

» HP Russian Institute of Technology Gains Momentum

March 2009 – HP’s Russian Institute of Technology (RIT) program, launched in January 2008, has made significant progress in its first year. Not only has it helped Russia’s leading universities to develop unique IT education courses for more than 1,500 students but, with increased investment from HP, it has enabled HP Russia to clearly demonstrate good corporate citizenship to the world. Learn more about this program run by HP Labs Open Innovation Office in Russia.

» HP Labs joins the ACM 2009 Multimedia Grand Challenge

February 2, 2009 – HP Labs joins the ACM in issuing the ‘Multimedia Grand Challenge 2009’ – tasking the worldwide research community with helping create a better experience interacting with multimedia web content. Find more details about the HP challenge – titled “Robust Identification of Informative Multimedia Content in Web Pages” – posted at Submissions are due June 15, 2009. Read more here.

» HP Labs 2009 Innovation Research Program Opens!

January 19, 2009 – HP is proud to announce the 2009 HP Labs Innovation Research Program, designed to fund strategic joint research projects between academic research institutions worldwide and HP Labs. Program details, important dates, and complete research topics for 2009 are available here. A complete list of 2008 award winners is available here.

» New Grant Opportunity - HP Innovations in Education (Universities – USA)

January 2009 – Building on 5 years of experience with the HP Technology for Teaching grant program, HP has just announced a new grant opportunity for colleges/universities entitled HP Innovations in Education. HP seeks proposals from 2 or 4 year colleges and universities that offer degree programs or courses that lead to degrees in engineering, computer science, or information technology. Each award, valued at more than $240,000 USD, will consist of equipment, cash and professional development. Proposals that will be considered will describe how technology will be used to enable innovations in four areas – Leadership Capacity, Digital Learning Environments, the Undergraduate Design & Research Experience, and Pre-College Outreach. Visit for more information and to download the Request for Proposals. Applications for this program are due March 30th.


» HP Labs hosts Sustainability Innovation Workshop

October 20, 2008 – Representatives from academia, industry and government recently gathered at HP Labs facilities in Palo Alto, California at a workshop designed to promote collaborative research in the area of sustainability within, and resulting from, the IT industry. Learn more about the workshop goals and view presentations from each of the sessions here.

» HP Labs China sponsors the 11th Computer Science Deans Forum at Tsinghua University.

October 2008 – The 11th China Computer Science Deans Forum was held at Tsinghua University from Oct 25 to 26 2008, with the theme of "Innovative Graduate Development". Mr. Zhao Qin-ping, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Education (MOE), Mr. Pan Yun-he, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and representatives from over 100 Chinese universities participated in the event.

» HP Innovate ’09 competition announced by HP India

Students in India are invited to participate in HP Innovate ’09, an annual event organized by HP India to award innovative minds in the Indian student community. Themes, deadlines and detailed contest information is available at the HP Innovate '09 site. Abstracts are due by January 5th 2009!

» Winners of HP Innovate student competition visit HP Labs Palo Alto

Members of the HP Innovate 2008 Winning Team from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur visited HP Labs Palo Alto after taking first place at the HP Innovate 2008 Grand Finals held at HP Bangalore, India. The HP Innovate competition, an annual event run by HP India, is designed to recognize and reward outstanding creative ideas submitted by young engineering graduates in India. Learn more about HP Innovate.

» HP Labs innovation research awards announced

August 14, 2008 – HP has announced the 41 professors it has selected to receive its 2008 HP Labs Innovation Research Awards, which fund strategic joint research projects between academic research institutions worldwide and HP Labs, the company’s central research arm. View the complete list of award winners here, and read in-depth coverage on the awards on the Labs Blog.

» Global cloud computing research testbed

July, 2008 – HP, Intel and Yahoo! have created a global, multi-data center, open source test bed for the advancement of cloud computing research and education. Learn more about this program here.

» Sponsored research interaction process

HP’s OIO team has worked with the Northern California Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium (BASIC) over the past several years to address intellectual property issues hindering research collaborations between industry and universities. Learn more about an important outcome of this work, the Sponsored Research Interaction Process (SRIP) here.