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HP Labs' worldwide headquarters in Palo Alto is perched on a hillside just a few miles from the famous HP garage that is known as the birthplace of Silicon Valley.

The spirit of invention that Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard brought to their garage workshop prevails at the Palo Alto lab, where researchers are pursuing advances in such fields as analytics, systems research, networking and mobility, printing and content.

The lab, founded in 1966, is less than a mile from Stanford University . Palo Alto and the surrounding area is known world-wide as the home to a truly innovative and diverse technical community

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Research programs

With a significant portion of HP Labs researchers located on site, our research at HP Labs Palo Alto spans much of our research agenda.

  • Analytics research seeks to develop easy to use analytics platforms, technologies and infrastructure
  • Networking and Mobility research provides software defined networks (SDN), seamless mobility solutions, and mobile device and persona management
  • Printing and Content delivers strategic core innovations in document and content solutions to generate customer value through personalized content experiences
  • Systems Research creates the next generation of large-scale, high-performance compute infrastructure to support our data-centric world

HP Labs Palo Alto news

HP Labs Palo Alto clean room
August, 2014

Take a virtual tour of the HP Labs Palo Alto clean room

Foundational IP is the lifeblood of HP. The clean room in Palo Alto is a key resource to ensure that new technology is always in the pipeline. In this video, technical communicator Richard Lewington puts on a bunny suit and takes us inside HP Labs' clean room to see where HP's nanotechnology is born.

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Take a virtual tour of the HP Labs Palo Alto clean room

March, 2015

High school programmers meet at HP Labs for 'HP CodeWars Silicon Valley'

Nearly 200 students and parent/teacher chaperones gathered at HP Labs' Palo Alto headquarters to compete in the second annual 'HP CodeWars Silicon Valley'.

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July, 2014

HP and San Jose State University pilot METIS, a new platform for delivering educational material

This summer, a collaboration between HP Labs, HP's Graphics Solutions business team and San José State University's School of Library and Information Science (SLIS) is testing a new platform for delivering educational course materials.

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February, 2014

HP Labs collaborates with Lucile Packard Children's Hospital to improve patient care

With the assistance of HP Labs researchers and funding from HP's Living Progress, staff at the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, a teaching hospital associated with the Stanford University School of Medicine, designed, built, and deployed a real-time patient status system, the Patient Safety Dashboard, in the hospital's pediatric intensive care unit.

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Job openings

HP Labs is seeking creative individuals who are passionate about technology, who identify with our marketplace and our businesses, and who can contribute fresh ideas and solutions.

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