Carl Taussig

Carl Taussig
Director, Information Surfaces Lab
Palo Alto


Carl Taussig is director of the Information Surfaces Lab at HP Labs, the company’s central research and development arm, where he leads HP’s advanced research on paper-like displays including front-plane and back-plane materials and architectures as well as roll-to-roll manufacturing methods.

During his 20 years at HP, Taussig has focused on storage technologies including hard disk, helical scan tape, probe storage and optical disk. Taussig led the HP team that developed the technology that enables ROM-compatible rewritable DVDs. This technology is the basis for the DVD+RW format.

Taussig received a bachelor of science from Stanford University and a master’s degree and Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, all in mechanical engineering. Taussig has more than 50 patents and 15 publications.

Research interests

Paper-like displays, architectures and roll-to-roll manufacturing methods. Carl previously conducted research in storage technologies and led the team that developed the technology that is the basis for the DVD+RW format.


  • More than 15 publications


More than 50 patents