Chandrakant D. Patel

HP Senior Fellow
Chief Engineer


Chandrakant Patel is an HP Senior Fellow and the Chief Engineer of HP Labs, the industrial research lab that is the company's central innovation-transfer organization. He is a pioneer in microprocessor and system thermo-mechanical architectures, end-to-end energy management in IT, and applications of sustainable IT ecosystem for a net positive environmental impact. He has transcended conventional thinking in sustainability through a holistic, systemic and fundamentals based approach, in sharp contrast to the cookbook approaches that focus solely on greenhouse gas emissions. He has changed the conversation in sustainability to address lifetime resource consumption by using Joules of available energy or exergy as the currency.

Patel joined HP Labs in 1991, initially leading the cooling and packaging research of the Wide Word microprocessor. He founded the thermal technology research program, and with partners in the R&D groups, started a virtual thermal community - the vibrant HP Cool Team - to productize the electronics cooling research in HP Laboratories. Through the 90s, he charted the directions in thermo-mechanical research that led to innovations in chip and system cooling solutions. In the late 90s, he initiated the research in "smart" data centers. He foresaw the need to reduce available energy consumption by dynamically provisioning IT, power and cooling resources in the data center, arguing that the "data center is the computer." It led to the development of an end-to-end management system to address data center energy consumption and the total cost of ownership. Patel got his start in Silicon Valley as a design and manufacturing engineer at HP's personal computer division and at Memorex/Unisys hard disc division.

An advocate of return to fundamentals of science and engineering, Patel passionately shares his work by teaching in community colleges and universities. He has taught computer aided design at Chabot College in Hayward, California for 16 years. He has also taught courses in thermal and energy management at U.C. Berkeley Extension, Santa Clara University and San Jose State University.

Patel has been honored as a distinguished alumnus by the City College of San Francisco and by the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at San Jose State University. Patel holds an AS from the City College of San Francisco, BSME from U.C. Berkeley, MSME from San Jose State University, and is a licensed professional mechanical engineer in the State of California.

In recognition of his work in the community, Patel was profiled by ABC-KGO television in its Emmy Award winning series "Profiles of Excellence" for contributions to science, technology and education.

Research interests

Energy-efficient computing, thermal-management technologies. Patel founded HP Labs' thermal technology research program in the early 1990s. Energy management, cyber-physical systems, sustainability.


  • Chandrakant has published more than 150 papers.


ASME Fellow

For outstanding engineering achievements.

HP Senior Fellow

HP Fellows are pioneers in their fields, setting the standards for technical excellence and driving the direction of research in their respective disciplines.

Joel S. Birnbaum Prize 2005

At HP, Patel was the recipient of 2005 Joel S. Birnbaum Prize for "visualizing and leading the creation of end-to-end solutions for managing the energy requirements for computation, thereby positioning HP as a leader in physical design of datacenters."

IEEE Fellow

For leadership in thermal and energy management in data centers.

Professional Activities

  • Adjunct faculty member (teaching computer-aided design), Chabot College (Hayward, Calif.)
  • Lecturer on thermal management at San Jose State University, Santa Clara University, University of California, Berkeley Extension


Chandrakant has been granted more than 115 U.S. Patents, several pending.