George Forman @ Hewlett-Packard Labs

I am a computer science researcher in the Data Mining and Machine Learning group at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories.   I work on techniques for automated classification, e.g. technology that learns to categorize documents into a topic hierarchy based on a small number of training examples given by humans, or to recognize computer systems that are likely to fail based on their past failures.  Repeatedly I find that applying such technologies to real-world business problems often leads to fixable robustness issues & opportunities for substantial performance improvement.  Hence, HP Labs is an excellent place for technology research as well as business impact.

My company-external web contents:

  1. External Publications: machine learning, data mining, parallel computing, mobile computing
  2. My graduate work was at Computer Science & Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle.  My dissertation was in mobile computing/resource-variable environments.  I also worked a fair amount in parallel programming-- try out the ongoing ZPL parallel language & compiler.
  3. I am not the famous boxer who advertises an excellent grill.  Here is some fan mail I have received for him.  Once I even got a challenge to a re-match from the famous Larry Holmes.
  4. Rather than forward humor, let's just put some of our favorites on the web: Haiku error messagesHidden word processor options
  5. A brain teaser 

If you're looking for the Spam e-mail database for machine learning, we've contributed it to the UCI Machine Learning Repository.  Contact me if you want an obfuscated copy of the large hierarchical text dataset for your machine learning research.

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