CIECAM02 Color Appearance Model

This applet provides a tool for performing CIECAM02 color appearance model calculations. In the forward mode, the stimulus tristimulus values are entered into the X, Y and Z boxes. The adopted white point is shown in the boxes Xw, Yw and Zw. Standard or example white points can be selected using the pull-down menu. In addition, if the 'custom' option is selected the Xw, Yw and Zw become editable. The Yb or luminance factor of the background can be set using the Yb box. The luminance of the adapting field or LA can be set using the LA box. The surround can be set using another pull-down menu. Finally, the mode of either forward or inverse can be selected using the mode pull-down menu. Selecting forward enables the X, Y and Z text boxes while selecting inverse enables the J, C and h text boxes. The results of the calculation, either forward or inverse, can be seen once the 'Convert Color' has been pressed.

Dr. Mark D. Fairchild has also put together an Excel Spreadsheet with CIECAM02 included.

Billy Bigg has also put together some nifty CIECAM02 and spatial CIECAM02 pages.

Windows Binary CIECAM02.exe


Mac OS X Binary CIECAM02

Just in time for the holidays, CIECAM02 merchandise is now avialable.

Oct 2, 2002

Revised July 25, 2003: Thanks to Cliff Rames for catching an error in the dim and dark surround calculations.