Re: How are/should redirects of POSTS be handled

Jim Seidman (
Thu, 23 Mar 95 17:47:59 -0600

Jeffrey Perry writes:
>What appears to happen when a POST is redirected is the client attempts a
>GET at the new URL so that the user can fill-in the form again (it may have
>changed when it moved)

There are several pages on the Web ("The Revolving Door" comes to mind)
which, on the basis of form input, redirect you to one of a number of
different pages.  These pages then need to be retrieved using GET.  This
usage appears to be much more common than a redirect where the client is
supposed to POST again on the target system.

At a very early stage of development, Enhanced Mosaic would actually do
another POST after a redirect.  In every case that this happened, it
generated incorrect results (like an "Action not allowed" response).  I
think that switching to GET after a redirect is current practice for most

Jim Seidman, Senior Software Engineer, Spyglass Inc.