Software Downloads

Some of the downloadable software developed by researchers at HP Labs, along with several open source projects that originated here.

One way we try to get our work out into the world is by providing downloadable software. Review the software below and download any that you find of interest or value.

ToggleDesktop utilities

  • HP Probabilistic Model Toolbox (PMT) - a powerful MATLAB toolbox for basic static and dynamic probabilistic models such as Gaussian mixtures, factor analyzers, Markov chains, hidden Markov models and linear dynamic systems. Each probabilistic model supports simulation, inference and learning of model parameters from data.

ToggleDigital content management

  • DSpace - an institutional digital repository created by HP Labs and MIT Libraries

ToggleHandwriting recognition

  • LOCO-I/JPEG-LS Software - a software implementation of JPEG-LS, the ISO standard for lossless and near-lossless compression of continuous tone images
  • Polynomial Texture Mapping (PTM) software - a new method for increasing the photorealism of texture maps
  • Lipi Toolkit (LipiTk) - a generic toolkit for online Handwriting Recognition (HWR), and packages HWR tools and algorithms with standard ink representations and HWR application interfaces. The toolkit is designed to support different sets of users, with different requirements.


  • PCI Pamette V1 - an FPGA-based reconfigurable interface board and coprocessor. This download contains drivers and runtime support software for the Pamette board and the PamDC CAD front end for Xilinx FPGAs. Supported platforms are Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 and Tru64 Unix.
  • Itsy - The Itsy pocket computer is a flexible research platform. Its aim is to enable hardware and software research in pocket computing. It is a small, low-power handheld device with a highly flexible interface, designed to encourage the development of innovative research projects, such as novel user interfaces, new applications, power management techniques and hardware extensions. The information we are making available includes the hardware specifications, a low level monitor, and the Linux source code for the Itsy.


  • Wireless tools for Linux - a set of open source tools for manipulating the Wireless Extensions.
  • Mscape Suite - contains the mscape player, maker, tester, library and a starter mediascape.

ToggleSemantic Web

ToggleSystems software

  • SmartFrog - a technology for describing distributed software systems as collections of cooperating components, and then activating and managing them. SmartFrog is licensed under LGPL.
  • OpenSSI - single-system image-clustering software that includes cluster filesystems, a single root, process migration, load balancing and integrated code from other open-source projects
  • A Garbage Collector (for C and C++) - can be used as a garbage collecting replacement for C malloc or C++ new, allowing users memory as they normally would, without explicitly deallocating memory that is no longer useful.
  • HP Java Programming Toolkits - source code for several Java analysis tools. The Javafe front end is an extensible parser and type checker for Java. The HP Extended Static Checker for Java (ESC/Java) is a tool that attempts to find common run-time errors in Java programs by static analysis of the program text. Houdini is a tool that infers the program annotations used by ESC/Java. The HP Race Condition Checker for Java (RCC/Java) identifies potential race conditions in multithreaded Java code statically. The HP Research ESC/Java Synchronization Checker (Calvin) is a static checker for multithreaded Java programs that can check invariants as well as identify potential race conditions. Simplify is the automated theorem prover used by ESC/Java, Houdini, and Calvin.
  • qprof - a set of profiling utilities. It also includes other facilities that may be useful outside of a profiling context.
  • Storage Systems Software including a system for generating synthetic I/O workloads, a tool for experimental exploration of design spaces and a system for characterizing and analyzing I/O traces.

ToggleWorld Wide Web

  • DELI - an open-source library that allows Java servlets to resolve HTTP requests containing delivery context information from CC/PP- or UAProf-capable devices and query the resolved profile
  • httperf - a tool for measuring Web server performance
  • Internet Content Adaptation - a rule-based content adaptation and filtering framework for HTTP requests and responses based on ICAP protocol (open source)
  • Sparta - a lightweight Java XML package that includes an XML parser a DOM, and an XPath interpreter