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Tested on Java plug-in version 1.4+

You can try to work through the tutorial to get a sense of the language.

This graph has ~400 nodes and ~700 edges. Each node has a property "dept" (department) property associated with it and each edge has a "freq" property (frequency of communication).

Some commands to try:

  • center(v5) zoom in to node v5
  • center(v401-v177) center on the edge between v401 and v177
  • center() center on everything
  • gemLayout() gem layout
  • binPackLayout() packing layout
  • (dept == 'dept1').color = red color every node in dept1 red
  • colorize(dept) color every department a different color
  • colorize(freq,red,blue) color each edge by frequency of communication from red to blue
  • = 4 change the node style for all nodes
  • ((dept == 'dept20')-(dept == 'dept1')).color = black Make edges between department 1 and 20 black.