Zoomgraph Alpha (0.2)

Zoomgraph Screenshots

This page shows screenshots of Zoomgraph and some of its uses.

Data-driven visualization

This image is the result of running the command analysis colorize freq [table=edges,linear=true] which colors the edges of a communication graph based on the value of the "freq" variable (an attribute of the edges). Notice that the edges range in color from red to blue, where red represents high frequency and blue represents low frequecy.

In this screenshot, a communication network within a company has been colorized by department (analysis colorize dept [table=nodes]) -- each department has been assigned a random color, and all people (nodes in the graph) in that department have been given that color.

Graph layouts

The graph below has been laid out using a force-directed spring algorithm, one of the many layouts available in Zoomgraph.

This is the same graph, zoomed-in on the center.

Clicking on a node or edge automatically navigates the camera (zoom and pan) to show the node or edge in the center of the screen.