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Social Dilemmas

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Social Dilemmas

The problem of social dilemmas for autonomous agents is how to encourage cooperative behavior in which individuals sacrifice for the overall benefit of the group.

N. S. Glance and B. A. Huberman, Dynamics of Social Dilemmas, Scientific American, March 1994
A general description of social dilemmas showing how cooperation depends on the size of the group and the individual expectations of future interactions

» B. A. Huberman and C. H. Loch, Collaboration, Motivation, and the Size of Organizations, 1996
When the power of cooperation can offset the tendency to free ride

» N. S. Glance, T. Hogg and B. A. Huberman, Training and Turnover in Organizations, 1997
A two-level social dilemma for training in organizations for managers and workers

» B. A. Huberman and N. S. Glance, Beliefs and Cooperation
The dynamics of social dilemmas

» B. A. Huberman and N. S. Glance, Fluctuating Efforts and Sustainable Cooperation, 1996
The dynamics of social dilemmas

» B. A. Huberman and N. S. Glance, Diversity and Collective Action
The dynamics of social dilemmas

» B. A. Huberman and N. S. Glance, Evolutionary Games and Computer Simulations
The dynamics of social dilemmas

» N. S. Glance, Dynamics with Expectations, PhD thesis, 1993
The dynamics of social dilemmas

» B. A. Huberman and R. M. Lukose, Social Dilemmas and Internet Congestions, 1997
Social dilemmas are at the root of internet congestions

Social dilemmas relating to the provision of public goods can arise in distributed computational systems even when all agents are designed with a single overall goal.

» N. S. Glance and T. Hogg, Computational Social Dilemmas, 1995

» N. S. Glance and T. Hogg, Dilemmas in Computational Societies, ICMAS 1995
A shorter overview with a genetic algorithm example is in

» T. Hogg, Social Dilemmas in Computational Ecosystems, IJCAI 1995
These situations can arise quite easily in computational ecosystems

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