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Quantum Smart Matter

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AUTHOR = "Tad Hogg and J. Geoffrey Chase",
TITLE = "Quantum Smart Matter",
BOOKTITLE = "Proceedings of the Workshop on Physics and Computation,
EDITOR = "T. Toffoli and others",
PAGES = "147-152",
PUBLISHER = "New England Complex Systems Institute",
ADDRESS = "Cambridge, MA",
YEAR = "1996"}


The development of small-scale sensors and actuators allows for constructing "smart matter" in which physical properties of materials are actively controlled in a distributed manner. In this paper, we describe how quantum computers could provide an additional capability, programmable control over some quantum behaviors of such materials. This emphasizes the need for spatial coherence, in contrast to the more commonly discussed issue of temporal coherence for quantum computing. We also discuss some possible applications and engineering issues involved in exploiting this possibility.

Available as Los Alamos preprint quant-ph/9611021.

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