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We're not just doing research in the lab - we're passionate about turning our discoveries into reality, getting them into the hands of our customers and society. Our high-impact research agenda addresses the challenges posed by data outpacing technology, in the next decade and beyond.

HP Labs Research areas

  • Systems researchSystems Research
  • Scientist writing equationAnalytics
  • Scientist using a touchscreenPrinting & Content
  • Technician with laptop inspecting a serverSecurity & Cloud
  • Network and MobilityNetworking & Mobility
  • Mechanisms and DesignMechanism & Design

Systems Research

Systems research

Systems research develops radical new approaches to collect, process, store and analyze data to create the next generation of large-scale, high-performance infrastructure to support the data-centric world. These new software-defined systems will fuse memory and storage, flatten complex data hierarchies, bring processing closer to the data, and enable security of systems at the point of attack.

We're also shaping the future of cognitive computing, making processing available on a massive scale, to enable personalized cognitive assistants to help improve human decision-making.

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Scientist writing equation

Analytics positions HP to help our customers take advantage of the data explosion - integrating data sources, transforming and automating business processes, and acting on relevant insights - at unprecedented scale. Our research seeks to develop analytics systems, technologies and infrastructure as well as applications and visualizations that make these platforms easy to use.

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Printing & Content

Scientist using a touchscreen

Printing and Content delivers strategic core innovations in document and content solutions, generating customer value through the next wave of personalized content experiences and data visualization services. We also deliver breakthrough innovations for the next generation of print engines and high-performance materials, data-driven, automated print production management, and accurate automated color control for a wide range of commercial printing applications.

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Security & Cloud

Technician with laptop inspecting a server

Security and Cloud addresses the challenges faced by the increasing movement of IT to the cloud. As our world becomes more connected, with growing amounts of data moving online and across public, private and hybrid clouds, management of this data is set to become even more complex. We're creating new ways to handle the movement of information across corporate, national and legal boundaries at enormous scale and speed while providing assurance, insight and control.

We're also developing technologies ranging from embedded security control points within devices to novel mechanisms for the detection and mitigation of modern attacks at massive scale, providing a robust chain of trust from bottom to top.

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Networking & Mobility

Network and Mobility

Networking and Mobility conducts fundamental research in network architecture, communications and mobility. We are creating solutions for predictable, high-quality and power-efficient networks capable of dealing with the vastly increasing amounts of data that are outpacing today's technology. Key focus areas include software-defined networking (SDN), seamless mobility solutions, and mobile device and persona management.

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Mechanisms & Design

Mechanisms and Design

Mechanisms and Design develops new technologies that help enterprises manage massive unstructured data flows, extract relevant contextual information, forecast trends, make timely decisions and market their products more efficiently. We design, explore and test a wide range of novel mechanisms that have the potential for generating massive savings and increased efficiencies in multiple areas of enterprise activity. We design and develop novel products and services that can enhance enterprise work to be more effective, flexible and intuitive while significantly increasing productivity.

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