Immersive interaction

Research opportunities and challenges

Immersive Interaction means delivering a radically simplified user experience, where human interaction through and with technology becomes completely seamless and intuitive.

Around the world, people desire to be connected to, and engaged with, their co-workers, customers, friends, families, and other social communities – whenever and wherever they choose. Users expect technology to be easy to use, reliable, context aware, and personalized. Users also want technology to serve as the transparent enabler to an engaging experience, allowing people to immerse themselves in their online content or activity.

Challenges that inhibit truly immersive and intuitive interactions between users and technology include:

  • The complexity and cost barriers of today’s audio and video conferencing technologies
  • The lack of context-aware cloud services that extend and expand the real-time sensing of user context, beyond just location
  • The desire to move beyond the limits of today’s ”unnatural” mouse and keyboard-based user interfaces to include stylus, touch, speech, hand gestures, and other forms that can be used individually or integrated for a multimodal experience.
  • The complexity of today’s web services that offer users personalized experiences—mash-ups, widgets, feeds etc.— but are too difficult for the non-technical user to enjoy.

Three large projects comprise our Immersive Interaction portfolio:

Intuitive and Rich User Experiences

Personal computing has not yet taken off in emerging markets. Our vision is that usage of a personal computing device becomes as simple as using a mobile phone or TV, or even as simple as talking to another human being. The project has three well-defined and overlapping goals. (1) Create and demonstrate a set of validated rich and intuitive experiences. (2) Develop a distributed experience software platform. (3) Use off-the-shelf hardware or develop a hybrid device (a mobile + fixed device) to meet the needs of the emerging markets including services hosted in the cloud.

Seamless Collaboration

Our research in Seamless Collaboration aims to extend telepresence from fixed infrastructure solutions to everyday devices. Our work will enable HP personal computing devices to create the sense of effortless connectedness that exists in a face-to-face meeting, and provide a rich range of human interaction and collaboration. We are making fundamental advances in research areas including audio and video capture, video transmission, new experiences, video rendering and more.

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