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The Linux Technologies project is tasked to perform systems research with the goal of creating technical leadership for HP's server and workstation products when coupled with the GNU/Linux operating system. Other project objectives include supporting HP's contribution to open source and encouraging the use of open source in research.

HP has been a leader in the effort to promote Linux on the Itanium architecture, and the Linux Technologies project has been at the forefront of the effort. A particular emphasis of the project is to perform research that enables Linux and Linux-based applications to fully exploit the Itanium architecture.


» Q-tools: a collection of Linux performance analysis tools
» Qprof: a set of profiling utilities
» Atomic_ops: A multi-architecture atomic operations package
» Libunwind: a portable and efficient API for call-chain introspection
» Perfmon: providing access to the Itanium performance monitoring unit
» Linux on Itanium was started here and the kernel continues to be maintained by HP
» IA-64 simulator (ski)
» A conservative garbage collector for C and C++
» Userver: a micro web server for conducting experiments
» Constructive reals calculator
» Httperf: a tool for measuring web server performance
» The Linux Technologies project is active in the Gelato federation



» Threads Cannot be Implemented as a Library
» The perfmon2 interface specification
» An Almost Non-Blocking Stack
» The Space Cost of Lazy Reference Counting
» IA-64 Linux Kernel: Design and Implementation
» Destructors, Finalizers, and Synchronization
» Scalable Networking for Next-Generation Computing Platforms
» The constructive reals as a Java Library
» Rich Media from the Masses
» Exploring the Performance of Select-based Internet Servers
» Bounding Space Usage of Conservative Garbage Collectors
» Scalability of Linux Event-Dispatch Mechanisms
» Fast Multiprocessor Memory Allocation and Garbage Collection
» Reducing Garbage Collector Cache Misses
» Understanding Memory Allocation of Scheme Programs
» The Making of Linux/ia64


  project members

» Hans Boehm
» Stéphane Eranian
» Andrew Thomas

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