Sf-parse Task

Sf-parse Task
This task parses smartfrog files and validates them.
Apache Ant
This task parses smartfrog files and validates them. Errors are thrown when appropriate
Attribute Description Type Requirement classpathref a reference to the classpath to use to run smartfrog Reference Optional file name a single file for parsing. Exactly equivalent to a nested fileset with a file attribute File includeantruntime If a new classpath is passed in, should the existing one (used when declaring the task) be included? If it is not, the new classpath must include smartfrog.jar. Default: false. boolean inifile an optional ini file to set custom settings. File quiet get extra quiet output; boolean verbose get extra verbose output boolean 
Parameters as nested elements
 classpath (org.apache.tools.ant.types.Path) the classpath to run the parser   source (org.apache.tools.ant.types.FileSet) add a fileset to the list of files to parse  

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