Sf-startdaemon Task

Sf-startdaemon Task
Start a daemon.
Apache Ant
Start a daemon. There is some fun here, as this can be spawning or non-spawning. if it spawns, it outlives ant (which doesnt block), but output gets lost. This task only works on Ant1.6 or later, as that was when spawning was added to the system. This task starts a daemon which is only terminated by external request, and which blocks the calling thread until it terminates This means the build file calling this routine must either execute it in a separate thread (using parallel/sequential containers), and call <sf-stopdaemon> in a separate thread to end itset the standalone property to true to run it in a new process.set the timeout to enforce a death time on the process.Timeout killing of a process is somewhat brutal; we do not (yet) cleanly shut down the localhost, though that is a distinctly possible option in future.
Attribute Description Type Requirement allowspawning can this process spawn new processes? boolean Optional classpathref a reference to the classpath to use to run smartfrog Reference failonerror set the fail on error flag. boolean host set the hostname to deploy to (optional, defaults to localhost) Some tasks do not allow this to be set at all. String includeantruntime If a new classpath is passed in, should the existing one (used when declaring the task) be included? If it is not, the new classpath must include smartfrog.jar. Default: false. boolean inifile Name an ini file can contain data that overrides the basic settings. File initialsmartfrogfile the name of a smartfrog file to load on startupe File livenesscheckperiod liveness check in seconds; optional int livenesscheckretries retry count for liveness checks. int logstacktraces should the runtime log stack traces? boolean port port of daemon; optional -default is 3800 Some tasks do not allow this to be set at all. int securityref set a reference to the security types Reference spawn sets the spawn flag. makes it hard (no, impossible!) to log outputs. only recommended for long-lived tasks, and complicates failonerror and timeout logic boolean spawntimeout when to assume a spawn failed -in seconds. int timeout set the timeout for execution. This is incompatible with spawning. long 
Parameters as nested elements
 assertions (org.apache.tools.ant.types.Assertions) assertions to enable in this program   classpath (org.apache.tools.ant.types.Path) the classpath to run the parser   codebase (org.smartfrog.tools.ant.Codebase) Add a new codebase element to the current set. The URLs of the codebase will be visible to the deploying app.   propertyfile (org.smartfrog.tools.ant.PropertyFile) add a property file to the JVM   security (org.smartfrog.tools.ant.Security) set a security definition   syspropertyset (org.apache.tools.ant.types.PropertySet) Adds a set of properties as system properties.   application (org.smartfrog.tools.ant.DeployingTaskBase.Application) add a new application to the list.  

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