SmartFrog 3.10.000


Interface Summary
CopyFile Defines attributes for CopyFile component.
FileIntf created 27-May-2004 10:43:10
FileUsingComponent A file using component has an attribute bound to a file This interface defines no operations, merely well-known attributes created 30-Mar-2005 16:30:30
Mkdir created 21-Jun-2004 16:52:27
TempFile This is an interface to a component that creates a temporary filename
TextFile created 30-Mar-2005 16:37:45
TouchFileIntf Remote interface for touching a file.
UriIntf This is an interface for anything that provides a URI created Sep 30, 2004 3:42:23 PM

Class Summary
CopyFileImpl Implemetation for CopyFile component.
DeployByCopyImpl a component that deletes a file after copying it
FileImpl Implement a class that can dynamically map to a file created 27-May-2004 10:47:34
FileSystem Filesystem operations
FileUsingComponentImpl This is a class of limited usefulness.
FileUsingCompoundImpl This is a compound object that has the FileUsingComponent interfaces and attributes.
MkdirImpl Component to create directories; can clean them up too.
SelfDeletingFileImpl This is a component which will delete a file that it is bound do at termination time.
TempDirImpl An extension of mkdir created 24-Apr-2006 16:06:06
TempFileImpl created 18-May-2004 11:46:09
TextFileImpl A text file.
TouchFileImpl This is a minimal component whose aim in life is to touch files.

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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