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Interface SFScriptExecution

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ScriptExecution, SFExecution
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public interface SFScriptExecution
extends ScriptExecution, SFExecution

Interface that provides the API to the script component, allowing other co-located components to submit script commands. The interface provides for the submission of lines of script and the ability to lock a script component for unique use for a period. This ensures that sequences of script commands will not be interleaved with other script requets to the component. The operational model is asynchronous, in that the execute operation only queues the execute request and does not wait until it is complete. An object implementing the ScriptResult interface is returned, and this can be queried to find if the script has completed and obtain the resultant output, both error and normal. Commands to be executed are passed in as a list the following format. Each element is either a string, in which case it is treated as a command, or a list in which case the command is the space-separated "toString" of its elements.

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