SmartFrog 3.10.000

Uses of Interface

Packages that use Copying

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.common

Subinterfaces of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.common
 interface Context
          Defines the context interface used by Components.

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.common that implement Copying
 class ContextImpl
          Implements the context interface.
 class OrderedHashtable
          Implements a hashtable which maintains the order in which the elements were added to the hashtable.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription

Subinterfaces of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription
 interface ComponentDescription
          Defines the context interface used by Components.

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.componentdescription that implement Copying
 class ComponentDescriptionImpl
          Defines the context class used by Components.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.csf.constraints

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.csf.constraints that implement Copying
 class Constraint
          Defines the basic Constraint implementation.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.csf.csfcomponentdescription

Subinterfaces of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.csf.csfcomponentdescription
 interface CSFComponentDescription
          Defines the context interface used by Components.

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.csf.csfcomponentdescription that implement Copying
 class CSFComponentDescriptionImpl
          Defines the context class used by Components.
 class FreeVar
          Define a TBD entry in the syntax.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.sfcomponentdescription

Subinterfaces of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.sfcomponentdescription
 interface SFComponentDescription
          Defines the context interface used by Components.

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.sfcomponentdescription that implement Copying
 class SFComponentDescriptionImpl
          Defines the context class used by Components.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.sfreference

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.sfreference that implement Copying
 class SFApplyReference
          Representation of ApplyReference for the SF Language
 class SFReference
          Representation of reference for hte SF language

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.parser

Subinterfaces of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.parser
 interface Phases
          Defines the Phases interface.

Uses of Copying in org.smartfrog.sfcore.reference

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.reference that implement Copying
 class ApplyReference
          The subclass of Reference that is a function application.
 class AttribReferencePart
          Implements the attrib reference part.
 class HereReferencePart
          Implements the most basic of reference parts.
 class HostReferencePart
          Implements the host reference part.
 class IPropertyReferencePart
          Implements the property reference part.
 class ParentReferencePart
          Implements the parent reference part.
 class ProcessReferencePart
          Implements the process reference part.
 class PropertyReferencePart
          Implements the property reference part.
 class Reference
          A reference is a list of ReferencePart objects.
 class ReferencePart
          Implements the commn reference part.
 class RootReferencePart
          Implements the root reference part.
 class ThisReferencePart
          Implements the most basic of reference parts.

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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