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 boolean SFLogRegistrationImpl.deregister(java.lang.String name)
          Log Deregistration interface
 boolean LogRegistration.deregister(java.lang.String name)
          Log Deregistration interface
 boolean LogImpl.deregister(java.lang.String name)
          Log Deregistration interface
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(Prim prim)
          get a log for a component
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(Prim prim, boolean registerWithCoreLog)
          Convenience method to derive a name from
static LogSF LogFactory.getLog(java.lang.String name, boolean registerWithCoreLog)
          Construct (if necessary) and return a Log instance.
 Log[] SFLogRegistrationImpl.listRegisteredLogs()
          Get a list of all registered logs
 Log[] LogRegistration.listRegisteredLogs()
          Get a list of all registered logs
 Log[] LogImpl.listRegisteredLogs()
          Get a list of all registered logs
static Log LogImpl.loadLogger(java.lang.String name, ComponentDescription configuration, java.lang.Integer logLevel, java.lang.String targetClassName, java.lang.String targetCodeBase)
          Dynamically loads the class that implements the selected logger
 void SFLogRegistrationImpl.register(java.lang.String name, Log log)
          Log Registration interface
 void LogRegistration.register(java.lang.String name, Log log)
          Log Registration interface
 void LogImpl.register(java.lang.String name, Log log)
          Log Registration interface
 void SFLogRegistrationImpl.register(java.lang.String name, Log log, int logLevel)
          Log Registration interface
 void LogRegistration.register(java.lang.String name, Log log, int logLevel)
          Log Registration interface
 void LogImpl.register(java.lang.String name, Log log, int logLevel)
          Log Registration interface

SmartFrog CORE 3.10.000

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