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Packages that use PhaseAction

Uses of PhaseAction in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf that implement PhaseAction
 class Function
          Construct the function apply reference object, and replace self with this

Methods in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf that return PhaseAction
protected  PhaseAction Phase.phaseAction(java.lang.Object action, SFComponentDescription cd, java.util.Stack path)
          Create a PhaseAction for a specific node for which the phase is relevant.

Uses of PhaseAction in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.predicates

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.languages.sf.predicates that implement PhaseAction
 class Assertions
          Defines the basic schema implementation.
 class BasePredicate
          Defines the base predicate for all the schemas.
 class Schema
          Defines the basic schema implementation.
 class SchemaDescription
          Defines the basic schema description implementation.
 class TBD
          Defines the basic schema implementation.

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