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Uses of LogLevel in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging

Subinterfaces of LogLevel in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging
 interface LogSF
          A simple logging interface abstracting logging APIs based in Apache Jakarta logging.

Classes in org.smartfrog.sfcore.logging that implement LogLevel
 class LogImpl
 class LogImplAsyncWrapper
          LogImplAsyncWrapper is a wrapper class for LogImpl that implements asynchronous logging.
 class LogToFileImpl
          Logs log info into a file.
 class LogToNothingImpl
          Only out and err output are printed.
 class LogToPrimImpl
          Logs log info into a Prim that implements Log interface
 class LogToStreamsImpl
          Simple implementation of Log that sends all enabled log messages, for all defined loggers, to System.out.

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